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iPhone – a real help for graphic designers

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Does it ever happen when you are away and suddenly a great designing idea struck you, but you have forgotten all about it before you had the opportunity to apply them? Then, it’s time to have an iPhone!
Once you got your iPhone you will discover that it is very useful not only for callings or surfing on Internet but for graphic design, too. All the graphic designers can take the advantages of this great tool now for their artwork. If we have to characterize iPhone in a few words we can say that it is a little device with endless capabilities.

Let’s have a look at some apps that might draw your attention.

1. ZeptoPad


Your iPhone comes with the sketch pad tool called ZeptoPad. This tool allows you to use your fingers as a pencil whenever you want to draw. More on, you can use it to plan, design or sketch. The great advantage is that you will be never limited by the screen space since you can enlarge the screen when you need more space. It also offers you the possibility to cut or paste graphics, pictures, or texts on the sketch pad and you can use or edit them later.

2. Color Expert


Color Expert is another useful application that allows you to capture, grab, showcase or identify the colors you have chosen. If you are interested in a graphic or a picture and you would like to use the same colors in your project, then merely click on the Color Expert button you can find on the iPhone and you will find the color scheme, the shade and the palette you would want to match.

3. iBluSky


iBluSky is great when your ideas are starting to flow in your brain. You can save all these valuable ideas and projects so you will not forget them before you have the chance to apply them. Use iBluSky to make a collection of your suggestions, ideas or thoughts and then send them through e-mail in PNG or PDF formats.

4. iPhlickr

iPhlickr is very useful when you want to browse instantly through Flickr archive. You can use this app very easily: access iPhlickr website using your iPhone and start to browse what you want (graphics, photo albums and not only) on Flickr site. More on, you can search for Flickr users or can access your own photo album.

5. Dexigner

Dexigner News & Events is another interesting app you can find on your iPhone. Through this application you can view the latest events, news, conferences connected to the realm of designing. It helps you to stay up-to-date with all the events of your interest.
Of course, there are many other great applications on your iPhone. Don’t waste valuable time and explore this incredible useful device.


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