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Is Mobile Designing a Waste of Time?

Over the last few years, the internet has successfully found a way to connect people from all over the world. The web has become a place of pure convenience for users. With massive technological advances practically hitting us over the head, web companies are striving to make web services accessible through any type of internet connection.

Everyone wants a part of each new trend for fear of being left behind. One of the trend that is getting famous over the last few years is mobile internet.

In order to reach out to the large pool of potential customers, companies are striving to establish a foothold on the internet. Thinking that they can reach more consumers, more and more business owners are inquiring about websites that easily condense onto a mobile browser.

There are quite a number of designers who are more than happy to suggest and provide these types of websites even if the need one for lacks justification. While a few websites have shown great success from having a mobile website, these results are not typical. Instead of fully thinking about the pros and cons, business owners, webmasters, and designers are set on establishing a mobile web presence.

Are Mobile Sales Necessary?

This is a big question for e-commerce websites that are trying to maximize revenue. Being able to target customers from all browsers should, in theory, bring in more sales. Amazon and other large, established e-commerce sites have already jumped into the mobile frenzy so that customers can shop from anywhere at any time.

The difference between these large stores and other sales-driven sites is that a majority of the functionality is intact in the smaller browser. Customers can still benefit from one-click ordering without having to deal with the hassle of putting in shipping and billing information.

The nature of the mobile sales makes it difficult to get accurate statistics regarding the number of purchases actually coming in through a mobile device.

There is no conclusive way to determine whether or not an increase in sales is taking place, especially when we could assume that shoppers would rather have a full screen view of what they are purchasing before hitting the “checkout” button. Traditional online sales tactics should still be the major focus of these large retail sites.

Another problem with the mobile platform for e-commerce stores is that smaller companies are having a hard time making it work. These small businesses rarely have a one-click ordering option which means people would need to pull out credit cards to complete a purchase.

Is this really something people want to do when “on the go” instead of in the privacy of their own home? In order to avoid competition, the big companies are hoarding their shopping platforms from other businesses. In general, current e-commerce designs are simply very unaccommodating when translated down into a mobile version.

Do Mobile Users want to Access your Site?

The real question here is whether or not your site is actually aimed at the mobile internet users. Social media websites are the perfect example of sites aimed at people on the go. Being able to connect to friends and family everywhere is a big incentive for many social media users.

Updates can be made quickly without having to wait for a person to get home. In other words, the mobile platforms streamline the communication process even more than the internet already has. Social websites like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are accessed on a regular basis by mobile devices. This works for them because they generate most of their income through advertisements.

This success cannot be applied to many other sites. Unless your website or business will make money by having more general site activity or page views, your revenue will probably increase by very small amounts. If your site is like most sites, you need people to actually perform an action such as making a purchase.

Even websites that are geared to generate income from advertising notice a very small benefit from being mobile friendly because the website still needs to find a way to motivate people to visit the site in the first place.

Would you benefit from a Mobile Version?

In many cases, the simple answer to this question is no. When you think about what people on the go will actually use their phone to look up, you will probably realize that your website is not one of those things. Social media is by far the most common type of website that is accessed remotely from a phone or other type of mobile device.

This means that unless you happen to be the owner of a social site, an advertising centric site, or a very popular gossip/entertainment blog, you will probably not be losing out on much by not having a mobile friendly site.

While it is always nice to have access to as many users as possible at any given point in time, webmasters need to think about the actual number of people who use the internet on their mobile device for more than connecting to a social network or looking up a phone number to a restaurant. With such a small number of users going beyond these sites, what percentage of people would actually make it to e-commerce websites or heavily content oriented sites?

It stands to reason that commercially based websites should focus on the source of the majority of their clients. Web designers may actually want to consider making their own sites mobile friendly so that potential clientele will be able to see talent in action. With mobile devices becoming a very plausible source to the internet overall, you are bound to get more people who demand to have a mobile version of their website. Whether or not you want to focus on making these types of sites is completely up to you.

One thing that should be noted here is that designing mobile first is becoming a popular trend. The idea behind this is that fluff, and useless content will be trimmed out if the site is designed for a more limited platform at the beginning. Yet again, this is a matter of preference. Either way, with technology quickly moving forward, we should be ready to begin designing more and more mobile based websites.


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