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Managing the projects efficiently

If you want to build a career as a freelance web developer, then you will have to go through several problems. Every day will bring more challenges and you must face them properly.  You can earn money by accepting more projects, but this thing is not so easy, every single project will have certain deadlines and difficulties associated with it.

Therefore, freelance developers must stay sharp to tackle these problems easily. One thing is for sure, every challenge faced by you will teach you a lesson.

With progressing career, you can accept more projects, but the main problem begins, when you start concentrating on freelancing rather than concentrating on the project.

If you want to complete a project on time then you must work hard on that project. Proper time management will definitely help you in achieving the goal. Below we are going to discuss some points, which will definitely help you regarding management of projects properly.

Set your priorities right

As a freelancer, you can work on various projects at a time to earn lots of money, but the main problem is that you will have to manage it properly otherwise, you won’t be able to complete even a single project.

Many experts believe that, prioritizing of tasks will help you in evaluating the need of attention. You can concentrate on those projects, which are having shorter deadlines, and which needs high level of attention. You should pre-plan your stages, so that you don’t mess up with everything towards the end.

Planning is very important, before starting any project, just try to calculate the number of hours required for each project, and according to that calculation, you can prioritize your task. This method will definitely help you in finish projects before their deadline.

If you are dealing with more than 10 projects at a time, then try to arrange all the projects in a hierarchical way, so that you can invest proper time in every single project. Time management is very important, because for freelancers time is money. Your earnings are completely dependent on the time you spend.

Always try to finish those tasks, which are very tough. This will give you some positive confidence, and you can then move on to those tasks, which are comparatively easier than earlier ones.

Money matters

Nobody likes to work for free, freelancers are working hard to earn money, therefore you must complete those tasks first, which are having a good and fast pay. If you are handling more than 3 or 4 projects, then you must complete those, which will get paid first. Prioritizing your tasks based on payments can be good idea. But make sure that you don’t ignore other projects. Getting paid on time will definitely boost your confidence, and you can easily manage your time.

If you are handling a very big project, then it may take several months to get completed, therefore, you must not depend completely on that project. You should take small projects also for which you can get instant payments.

You can schedule your day to increase your overall efficiency. Get up in the morning and try to finish those tasks, which you don’t like to do. After finishing them till afternoon, you can work on those projects which you really like. This will help you in earning extra money, and you can also get time for yourself. Always remember to relax, don’t exaggerate your mind. Always plan your day for maximum work, and don’t concentrate on single project for the whole day.

Slow down your speed

Always remember to slow down the speed of your work, because that will lead to bad quality. If you are having a creative mind, then you must slow down your speed of work, because lots of work will destroy your creativity. Try to work on a single project at a time and don’t roam around from one project to another. Sometimes, you will notice that you can get lots of ideas at the starting of the day, but you keep on forgetting them.

It’s better to complete one task at a time, and then move on to other things. Nowadays, everybody is relying on multitasking, but older methods are too good to be avoided. As a freelancer, you must understand the value of quality and time.

Get some time for yourself

You might want to work hard for 7 days a week, but that’s not going to help you at all. You can work for every single hour, but you won’t come with a creative idea, because your mind needs rest and after that only it can create something special. Try to relax on weekends, hang out with friends or you can even watch a movie. Try something different every week, because that will divert your mind, and after enjoying for one day, you can concentrate for other six days.

Freelancing can turn out to be a very boring job, because you don’t get the opportunity to work with several peoples. All you have to do is, sit in front of a computer and work for hours. This can really eat you up from inside. Try to keep yourself motivated. No one can tell you how to keep yourself motivated, this thing only depends on you. Try to evaluate yourself and search for things, which can keep you motivated.

Make a list of activities, which you want to do this week, this will help you a lot. You can concentrate a lot on your work, and at the same time you can enjoy a lot on weekends.

Making the switch

Everybody wants to grow with time. You just can’t keep on doing the same freelance work for years. At some point of time, you will have to start your own website, which can bring in profits for you. A steady income is the main target for every freelancer. But this switch is not so easy. You must have some savings, because when you will start your own website, you can see some real bad months.


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