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More tips for website logo design

As we saw in our previous article, the logo is the representation of a company or organisation summed up in one design.  The two are going to be synonymous with one another, so it is vitally important that the logo is nothing short of perfect.

Sounds like a really tough task to get right?  It is, but not an impossible one, these tips along with our other tips for website logo design, should set you on the right path.

The goal of any logo is brand recognition.  Companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and McDonalds all have instantly recognisable logos that are world famous.  There logo only has to be seen and the brand they are synonymous with springs into your head.  Your logo should bring about the same effect.

Also, the logo has to perform if only partially seen, so try mirroring it, inverting it, and try and see if you can still recognise it.  When you design your logo, remember that it will not always be seen head on, but from all different angles.

It is important for quality logo design and yourself as a designer, that you bring an element of your own style into every design you make.  Break the rules, and see what happens.

Though there are rules in logo design, they are there to be broken, so don’t be afraid to play around with a design until you think it is perfect.

In the world of logos, simpler designs are more recognisable, take the Nike swoosh for example.  When you are working out your designs, break them down into simple elements that work.  Leave out the garnish on your designs, as this is just clutter that stops brand recognition happening.

The same can be said about effects.  Normally logo design does not need to have a vast multitude of filters and other effects piled onto it, as simplicity is key in this domain.

For any design process to work,  a sequence has to be developed to work to.
This is one that has been proven to work, for you though the order may change.

Generate ideas
Preliminary sketches
Develop vector designs
Send to client
Add or remove anything the client wants
Finalize the design and resubmit to client

Depending on the client, your logo design may spring between two of these sequences for a while until it is finally finalized.

The best designs are original, so though it is fine to use them for inspiration, ultimately, the design has to be your own.  It is not a good idea to take an established one and tweak it, and it is not a good idea to take a vector art image from a gallery website and use that, or a variant of it for a logo.  Remember the logo has to be synonymous with the company and organization it represents, and it has to convey what that company or organization is about.  It should also carry your stamp of inspirational style as a designer, and this simply cannot be done if you are copying other images.

A famous author once said he is only as good as his writing competitors, and in a way this translates to logo design too, so if you want to make a good logo, use other designs for inspiration and not as a template for your design.  It will also make the finished product more rewarding

These tips for website logo design, should help you considerably in getting the logo design right.  I think the golden rule is that you should look on these tips as a very loose framework for your design, and the rest should come from your own soul.

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  1. SouthWind42

    How about this- deep fried battered meat pies. ,

  2. The Web Artist

    Great tips! I’ve read the previous article and this one is a great continuation. I’m beginning to like the series. Keep it coming!

  3. Carl

    It should also be something that you believe will work and would catch people’s attention.

  4. girka

    Thanks for the information. It will be useful for many.

  5. Murry

    I agree that with logos, the simpler, the better. Take Mcdonald’s and HP, for example. They’re just letters, but people recognize them immediately.

  6. Jeff

    This is very timely. I’m in the process of creating several logos and I’m looking for inspirations to get the creativity juices flowing.

  7. sandra kang

    Please kindly provide a backlink to my website. Thank you very much.

  8. Bobrow Lux

    Another useful tips. I am now more inclined to make and create more logos because of this.

  9. sandra kang

    Please kindly provide a backlink to my website.
    Thank you very much.

  10. Karrie Nicolussi

    I would like to create eye catching logos and good thing is I get noticed this post. It’s really helpful. It’s excellent.

  11. Raybuck

    @Murry: Yes, the most basic, the fastest that people remembers them. What important is the company or the advocacy your logo is promoting.

  12. Carmel Rio

    When there are just many sources available for tips. This site never goes out to give one. All articles are written well.

  13. Vicky

    Also, do not let criticism (especially from the client) bring your spirits down. Very few people get it right the first time.

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