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Optimising conversion rates through better web design

 The concept of conversion rates is simple.  It is the amount of visitors that visit a website and make a sale, compared to the amount of visitors that visit a website and do not purchase anything.  Though there are many factors which apply to higher conversion rates- advertisements, and other marketing techniques being high on the list.  Optimising conversion rates through better web design, also ranks high on the agenda.

Most designers focus on the sales funnel when designing sites where the aim is to sell something to the visitor.  In other words they focus on the shopping cart, checkout, and product pages.  There is nothing wrong with this in principle, but the most effective method to optimise conversation rates, is to have advertisements and sales funnel web design, working together.  This comes into play, when the visitor views the landing page.

Most websites are now marketed via an online advertisement campaign, the goal of which is to bring traffic to a site.  If you use negative filters to weed out irrelevant visitors to your site, then visitors to your site will be that little bit more likely to make a sale.  Thus optimising conversion rates through better web design is a little closer to becoming reality.  Also there will be less pay per click fees to pay out.

If you can, make the site accessible to people that know nothing about the products you are selling, and the people that are experts in the field and want to find specific information, or hopefully buy specific goods.  This also applies to the add itself.  Why not make two adds, one for experts, one for novices, and link specific keywords to the adds.  Making a strong connection between the add, and the keyword, is crucial to optimising conversion rates through better web design. 

If you make your adds and your site relevant to a targeted audience, then this is the best recipe for conversion rates, because you are truly communicating to your potential customers.  You are also building trust if your site and your add are well cemented, and credibility, cannot be overstated.

Customer loyalty is something all companies strive for, so it is important to act on what promises you have made on your add.  Many marketing techniques have been deployed to try and gain customer loyalty, many of which involve reward schemes of one type or another, but in general, if you deliver the goods when you say you will, and they arrive in tact and are as you described them, then you should start building customer loyalty.

It is on the subject of credibility that it is important your site, and add, have that professional touch, so that it differentiates between your company and an amateur.  To help build up trust why not show pictures of your team, and any positive feedback from other sites.  This all helps to build a relationship with your customer, which hopefully will lead to customer loyalty, and long term sales.

Money back guarantees, can also help to make optimising conversion rates through better web design a reality.

Shipping costs are a big factor on conversion rates.  In the past, unscrupulous companies have hidden shipping costs to the end of a transaction, and as a result the customer has become wise.  One way round the shipping cost, is to design in a minimum order quantity, and so not to discourage the smaller purchaser, have a “small order fee”, or something similar.  Whatever way you approach it, try and keep the whole process as transparent as you can.

Web design combined with a strong add campaign, can make all the difference to conversion rates.  If you focus on these two elements, using the techniques shown above, then optimising conversion rates through better web design, will become reality.

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  2. SmartArt Graphics

    Nice article. Thank you for the information here. I learned a lot just by following your every post. This is really comprehensive about optimization.

  3. mercurydrug

    I totally agree, web design and aggressive ad campaign are really important in optimizing conversion rates. One is not effective without the other.

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