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Safari has some great plug-ins for you

Safari the browser of choice for the Mac users is getting some help via plug-ins from other websites. For too long Safari has had some areas that have needed a little help to be able to come even close to Firefox but lately more and more plug-ins have been offered as add-on’s for Safari. For a long time Firefox has had more than an excellent list of plug-in’s for their browser which enabled you to customize the browser to your liking.

Some of the plug-ins that are available for Safari are listed below with the help they can give you with your browser.


This is a tool that integrates with your browser and enables you to generate passwords, which are extremely strong and, which will be retained in the program and then when the correct url comes up it will log you in. This is a paid for plug-in with the cost being $39.95.


When you have used and liked tab browsing, this is a tool you will enjoy. This is a plug-in that you can do the same sort of process as Firefox tab kind of browser. The cost for this is $8.90.


This is a plug-in which makes you able to use items of JavaScript by changing the sizes and colors of the sites using Java to be more readable.


This plug-in allows you to stretch your window to the equal to windows maximize button.


This is an excellent plug-in to have as it gives you a host of add-ons. There are so many, in fact, that you would do best to read about them on their site.
From thumbnails to dated downloaded folders. Even favicons can now be seen using this plug-in. Several languages are available with this plug-in.


This is a flash related Plug-in as it makes it possible for you to download videos from the net to your Mac or phone. The license costs $10.


This is a book mark application which will sends your bookmarks to del.icio.us as a book marks. This adds tags and will ignore folder which you make as private or websites like you companies admin section.

Safari Microformats

This is a format that basically makes it easier to share information over the web. Snippets and the like are all there using the “h” format. According to the website, there is still a long way to go to make it complete, but it is doing extremely well so far. They are calling on all websites to make themselves H compliant by getting your ID. To be honest the rebel in me says no way. It smacks too much of control. Of course I am just being silly, and it’s probably nothing of the sort but then one can never tell.


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