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Search engine optimization tools.

We all know that search engine optimization is crucial for business and organizations to get their sites on the first page of Google. Search engine optimization is a vast concept and many tools and applications have been written to help designers, copywriters, and webmasters get their heads around SEO.

As there is no real key to search engine optimization from a web developer point of view, but lots of little ones, subsequently, there are many tools you may need to get a website high up on the rankings of Google, Yahoo and all the rest.

These tools have been developed to allow you to do that. They range from checking page ranks, back links, to whether or not your site has been banned by the mighty Google. They are an essential set of tools for any web designer, that is developing or optimizing a site to make it SEO friendly.

There are of course, other techniques that relate to copywriting. Generating web copy that is SEO friendly is also key to the success of any website optimization. That is not covered here in the developer tools. Our posts on that aspect of SEO, are well worth a read and can be found here.



Use these tools regularly to get the best out of them, and to see how your efforts are doing. Don’t forget to make adjustments where needed.




Anchor Text Backlink Checker
Backlink Analyzer
Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer
Backlink Builder

Domain Popularity, Domain Stats Tools…

Domain Age Tool
Domain Dossier
Domain Popularity
Domain Stats Tool

HTTP / HTTPS Header Check
View HTTP Headers

View HTTP Path

Google Page Rank Checker, Adwords Keyword Tools,Google Banned Tools…

Advanced Google searches
Check Google Pagerank
Check PageRank by Google data center
Free Google Adsense Keywords & YPN Keywords Search Tool
Google Adwords Keyword Tool
Google Banned Tool
Google Keyword Ranking Tool
Google Page Rank Checker
Google Page Rank Checker
Google Sets
PageRank Authenticity Check
Page Rank Tool
Visual PageRank

Keyword Analysis Tool, Keyword Density, Keyword Suggestion Tools…

Keyword Density
Keyword Density
Keyword Density Checker.

Keyword Difficulty Tool
Keyword Suggestion Tool
Website Keyword Suggestions
Ontology Finder

Link Popularity Check, Site Link Analyzer, Link Value…

Deep Link Ratio Tool
Link Popularity Check
Link Popularity Checker

Link Price Calculator
Link Value
Reciprocal Link Check
Site Link Analyzer
The Link Reputation Measurement Tool
Outbound Links

Meta Tag Generators

Meta Tag Generator
Meta Tag Generator
Title & Meta Tags Generator

Miscellaneous Tools

Directory Submission Manager
Site Analysis including Link Popularity
Sitemap Generator
Similar Page Checker
mod_rewrite RewriteRule Generator
URL Rewrite (mod_rewrite)
URL Rewriting Tool
User Agent Cloaking Detector
What is Hosted on that IP

Search Engine Position Checker, Spider Simulator, Ranking Report, SERP Tracker

Google vs Yahoo Graph
Search Engine Position Checker
Search Engine Spider Simulator
Marketleap Search Engine Verification Tool
Number of pages indexed
Search Engine Ranking Report
Serps Position
SERP Tracker

SEO Analyzer, Scanner

Free SEO Tools
Cool SEO Tool!

SEO Analyzer
SEO Scanner

Robots.txt Tools

Robots Txt Generator

Robots.txt syntax checker

Good use of these tools will assist you in assessing how your website shapes up. Of course a Google search will tell you how you are doing also, but you will need to break down the data which may take some time.

As a web designer it will fall on your shoulders to make it SEO friendly. The world is a competitive place and SEO is the big thing in this arena. So make the most of it, and you will find these tools an invaluable asset to your efforts to search engine optimize a website.

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