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Social content to Boost you SEO prospects

SEO is the most important issue for online businesses in the modern age.  SEO (search engine optimization) is a generic term used to refer to those activities carried out in order to boost a website or blog visibility in search engines.  SEO was not common until the turn of the new millennium where the advent of search engines was witnessed.

Sites like Google have put complex algorithms, which are meant to calculate the quality of links. The higher the quality of links, the higher the votes and more votes automatically translates to high ranking in the search engines.

If you have an online business, then it goes without saying that the assistance of SEO services is essential to its success.  If a website or blog is marketed well, there will be an increase of traffic, which means increased sales.

A lot of people are already aware of what SEO can do to their online businesses, and statistics have shown than SEO form of marketing is the most effective and successful form of online marketing.  Our focus today, however, will be on how social content can help boost SEO prospects for your business.

The world nowadays has become a global village all thanks to social networks.  Bridging the digital divide has been a big challenge for many countries, especially to the developing ones and the advent of social networks has categorically tried addressed this problem.  Social networks have become part and parcel of our lives, and it is difficult to imagine life without them, although they are of a recent phenomenon.

To SEO experts, the surest way of building links is by going viral, which is true to some extent but in order to fully utilise SEO marketing; then social signals should not be assumed.  This is because the bandwagon forms majority population.

Links between social signals and SEO

It is very obvious to SEO marketers that social media are an influential source of links.  Link building campaigns and viral content all serve the same purpose and that is to gather endorsements, which are used in establishing legitimacy and authority in your particular field of interest.  In order to understand it, imagine your site getting over 100 shares as a result of social networks.  It could only mean three important things, and they are;

i) You have a current website

ii) It is active

iii) The site is tailored to a specific audience

When it comes to search engines, it all boils down to the basic concepts and the main one being assisting users in finding what they seek.  A chunk of social shares means that a lot of people have not only got what they seek, but have liked your website   to the extent of spreading and sharing it with their colleagues.

Viral content could be seen as public endorsement, which means a lot of people have liked their experience in your site or blog and are willing to share it with many others.  That’s how a site can go viral within minutes.  The massive social shares are not only a SEO booster, but also a proof of superior social content that add value to the clients.  By going viral, you improve your search engine rankings and also advertise your content.  It is a win-win situation if you look at it from that perspective.

You are probably wondering on how you are supposed to enhance the social content in order to go viral.  There are varieties of viral content that will always ensure the success of your SEO, and they include;

1. A manifesto

It is the equivalent of taking salvation to the masses.  All you have to do is to write a well-researched and unbiased and informative argument that you agree with wholeheartedly.

This is facilitated by the fact that you already have a group of followers who unanimously agree with you and are constantly waiting for you to show them the ‘light’. A good example of an article you could write on is ‘Why I smoke and am proud of it’.  Such topics are likely to generate debate and controversy, which is our next item on the menu.

2. Art of controversy

When it comes to the art of controversy, try to dispel out some common conceptions.  This approach is guaranteed to stir even the silent part of the population.  Issues on religion always generate a sparkle, and the content is likely to go viral because it will be debated in homesteads and neighborhoods.  However, caution should be exercised when it comes to this approach because there could be an upset in emotions.  An example of an article in this section could be ’Aids is a good disease’.


3. Attention Grabbing

The articles you write should be captivating right from the beginning.  This will ensure that your readers are fully engrossed.  For you to fully grab the attention of your readers, you should engage catchy tittles.  A good example could be ’10 reasons why your website is bound to fail’.  With such titles, your readers are likely to pay full attention and will be constantly checking your article for related articles.

4. The ultimate experience

For the ultimate experience, you will have to be unique in every context.  Most of the content on the internet are generic emphasizing on the same things.  Your titles should be epic.  WHY GO for top 20 things while you could go for 100?

5. Directory

The directory as the name suggests is a collection of the best links available.  You should focus on links that are specifically tailored to your niche.

You should not let your potential readers go through the stress of going through irrelevant content while looking for your work.

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