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Some amazing Commercial Joomla Templates

Joomla is a very popular content management system used by both novice designers and experts alike.  It’s open source management.  In its first year of release it was downloaded 2.5 million times.  It’s been five years since then and the system is still going strong with over 6000 plug-ins in existence available for it. 
Designers have had a field day creating lucrative templates for Joomla, which is great for consumers looking for just the right design.  Below we’ve selected several commercial templates to showcase and highlighted some interested features about each.

Commercial Templates




The well-known Joomla e-commerce and shopping component, Virtuemart is this template’s best feature.  Virtuemart is integrated on many different levels here, such as a custom theme as well as within the coding.  One of the best things about the custom theme is that it allows users to sidestep the core output and delve smoothly into Virtuemart with no hiccups.


Quick, convenient low density is the salient feature of this template.  It’s nowhere near as hefty as most Joomla templates, which can sometimes be overloaded with tons of code.  Lightfast keeps it short and to the point with only 13K to deal with.  Add in the fact that it comes fully SEO ready and this is one very remarkable choice. Price: 39.95


Looking for harnessing the power of color in your Joomla template?  Look no further.  This template boasts a cool, transparent design that leaves things wide open for your personalized preferences.  The typography overview gives a quick reference for the various font styles used, and the color chooser makes it easy to commit to the best visual decisions.  This is professional template design at its greatest.

Social Praise

If community collaboration is what you’re after, then this template is likely to do the trick.  SocialPraise brings together components such as Community Builder and Fireboard Forum so that users don’t have to get it alone.  This is a seamlessly designed template that really showcases well Joomla’s enormous versatility. Price: $75 per yr. per membership.


This richly designed template could easily work well with sites dealing with vast amounts of information, such as the social news site. Ease of navigation and a well-organized layout keep lines neat and tidy.  The sliding content module keeps headlines uncluttered and up-front.  Body text and menu are designed to accommodate a wealth of good information.  Price: $99 per year per membership.


This “Paralax-powered” template leaves a great first impression and does not fail to deliver.  First of all, it’s cool, sleek lines and dazzling design schemes take it all the way to the next level in Joomla templates.  Stylish typography tops off this beautifully-designed and fully functional template.


Another beautifully designed template, the Gridiron, performs the simple task of informing its audience with superb elegance.  Lines are clean and sleek, and the overall design has a minimalist look and feel – great for designers who agree, less is more, a great choice above and beyond its more crowded counterparts.


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