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Some examples of great navigations menus

Drop Down navigation in web designing culture has gained momentum. More and more designers are acknowledging its importance to the science and how powerful a resource it is in sustaining web designing integrity.
Mainly Drop Down navigation provides design with the interface needed for greater interaction and a more user friendly atmosphere. They are best suited for sites, which have multiple levels of the content hierarch. A characteristic feature of this design is that it has the ability of allowing users to hover over the parent navigational item allowing a submenu to appear.
It must be emphasized, however, that there are a number of navigational collections besides the ones discussed in this article. These include 30 exceptional navigational techniques; 50 stylish navigational menus for design inspiration and 20 excellent JavaScript Navigation Techniques, and examples.


Facebook has an excellent rendition of how drop down navigation menus are implemented and monitored. It is demonstrated by way of its drop down menu on the account section. With precision an extremely simple and very user-friendly as well device is applied. There is a magnificent simplicity with which this drop down is executed. Just a few clicks and the user can easily adjust his / her account appropriately.

Tennessee Theatre

This may not be as popular as FaceBook and many mostly used drop down navigational devices currently on the web. However, it is very resourceful. Apart from being cloth with simplicity Tennessee Theatre is designed for wide site affiliates to become comfortable with interacting  o a bar  that goes down even though in one direction.

White House

White house has an intriguing display of a drop down bar. It can be simply call fancy. The double header is also rather the fascination feature with the colors of the flag engaging a supporting background design.

Officers club

Officers club drop down might be mistaken as being a device for organizations, which have established web sites. Many times they would want members to access the menu bar in a particular way.
In this case, it is not directly that concept. Officers club is an online clothing store with a drop down menu facilitating finding products with efficiency. As a business website it is very important for visitors to enjoy their tour. Precisely, it involves making a much needed purchase.

Fall of Tennessee

The bars are horizontal facing left of the user yet sliding down on the right hand side with a different color. There is a sub menu which offers even more management of data while finding the desired items. More precisely menu items have an arrow indicating that it was dropped from a specific area.

Media Temple

This has an interesting drop down feature which experts describe as one of the best even now not so popular. A small Thumbnail along with a JavaScript based animation is very powerful designing technique. The site seems to have a slightly similar designing to Officers club being fully enhanced with simplicity. From all appearance, it has a very user friendly Drop down feature.


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