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Some excellent apps for you

The world of designing and creativity is very vast. And there always something new and fresh going on. As a designer there are so many things out there for you try out.  Lots of new tools and handy apps are available which can help you in creating a different. And stand out among others. Here are some excellent apps and resources for you.


Top marks for this application. It meets the needs of most websites that are there to make money.  Let’s face it, if you don’t sell, you won’t stay in business. Pulley enables you to sell your products by download from any website and it is automated to enable distribution when an item is sold. It’s new, its fresh and most importantly, it works well. This program has the ability to link to your Paypal account for instant payment and then notifies your client of the necessary download site by e-mail while it keeps track of downloads. You have your stats at the tip of your fingers to keep track of all the transactions.

Design Kindle

Who doesn’t like free? Design Kindle is both free and very useful. This open source program has downloads available for use on your website, whether it is commercial or not.  Useful backgrounds, buttons and wordpress single page downloads are all available. Ever wondered about those little peeling stickers that sometimes appear in the top right corner? Find them here.


Stipple is a free application on the internet, which enables you to add information to your photographs or pictures.  A small amount of script written in Java enables you to add information to photos on your website by the placing of little dots on the photo. Each dot will provide information to the viewer as they scroll over it. Similar in the idea to that of the mapping dots placed on Google-maps. Should you wish to delete a dot you would merely edit it. You can link these dots with a particular merchant and thus receive a commission from them. This program can also be used on blogs provided the blogs are available to the public.


One of the leading type font designers for many years has finally become available on line. A few of their fonts are available as free, however to get the full range you do need to subscribe. They will also attempt to identify a certain script used for a fee, but they do not guarantee they will always manage as there are literally millions of fonts available and some of them might be designed for a particular purpose. In addition, they provide a free newsletter where they keep you up to date with the latest news on the font front.


Does your .jpeg format really need replacing? Most people use .jpeg for photos. With the advent of Google’s open source application WebP, they have carried compression further than before and thus made it faster than the .jpeg format.  All designers need the fastest method of opening any website and even a little does a lot to help. It’s said that if you don’t grab your customer within 30 seconds, you have lost him for good. All in all, these newly available programs give you a lot of food for thought as well as experimentation.  Most of the applications that aren’t free do give you a trial option.


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