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Some Great Facebook Fan Pages


Not only has Facebook quickly become a great social networking site, it’s also become a good business. Many businesses, small and large, use Facebook Fan Pages as interactive advertising to reach a broader range of customers and to extend and enhance branding platforms. Designers can have a field day creating fresh ways for businesses to engage and connect with customers new and old.

In this post, we’ll first provide a few great resources for creating and fine-tuning Facebook Fan Pages, and we’ll also showcase a few of the best designs and galleries. Take a look.

Fan Page Resources

To understand the basics of designing Fan Pages, it helps to have a good group of websites and galleries on hand. Here you’ll find a variety of background information to make it easy to choose what works best for you. First let’s take a look at two websites that can guide you through the basics.

How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing

Since it’s not always convenient to sift through blog posts for a concise overview of things, you might want a comprehensive guide pointing you in the right direction. This one comes highly recommended. It’s an up-front description of all the specifics and a quick read. This is a great resource for getting started.

All Facebook

This unofficial blog for Facebook turns out to be a great resource for all the tips and hints you’ll ever need, delivered in a lively and engaging tone. Pay special attention to the wealth of fan page wisdom found in How to Develop a Facebook Page that Attracts Millions of Fans. This is an extensive guidebook chocked full of examples and details on the creating great-looking fan pages.

Our Fan Page Showcase



Starbucks has hit the jackpot with the largest number of fans on any fan page, currently at 8 million, so it makes sense to take a look at the way that’s been accomplished. For starters, Starbucks has kept things exciting and lively on the Wall page with interactive tips and interesting stories for updates. Furthermore, they’ve included unique tabs to keep fans using the page repeatedly and rewarded for it well with coupons and discounts.


Red Bull

From a design standpoint, the Red Bull Fan Page has lots going for it. Its bold images and typography really bring the user into the action. Here the Wall is set as default, and the main design takes place in a nice intro tab. This is an excellent example of attractive Fan Page design that really gets the attention of visitors, new and old.


Skittles has fused effortless simplicity with a lively design scheme to promote its Fan Page. The page also sets the Wall page as default to engage fans and bring them right into ongoing conversations.

Facebook Showcase

This regularly updated Fan Page gallery delivers all the latest in design trends. It’s up-to date information is sure to provide a great amount of insight and several good ideas for your own page.

Custom Facebook Page Gallery

Though not as up-to-date this gallery offers just as much inspiration. Choose from up to 60 fan pages using well-organized categories.

Facebook Platform

Using a different approach this gallery shows how websites have incorporated Facebook Fan Pages into their websites. This is a great way to take the next step once your Fan Page is created.


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