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The Coming Soon Page: 7 Tips

What is a coming soon page?  A coming soon page can be generally defined as a website that, in one page, communicates a forthcoming new website to the user.  These are important pages, though not always necessary.  The benefits come directly from the page’s ability to garner interest even before the launch of a full-fledged site.

Of course, this is a perfectly reasonable and smart goal, so it’s important to keep in mind the most common elements of coming soon pages as you work to design your own.  Here are six of the best considerations for the coming soon page.

1. Consider Telling Your Story (Briefly)

Keep in mind that the main purpose of a coming soon page is to communicate to the visitor that a new or newly organized site is coming soon.  There are several ways to convey such a message.  One is to mention the date of prospective launch or show a visual timeline of what’s being accomplished behind the scenes.  Telling the story behind the page makes it easier for visitors to identify with the site and may encourage more sign-ups for updates and news.

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2. Offer To Stay In Touch

You’ll notice that many coming soon pages provide a way for visitors to leave at least their contact email address in order to receive updates or be notified of the site’s new launch.  This is an excellent way to increase the number of visitors on your mailing list and helps create a larger community for blogs, and e-commerce sites. 


3. Use Social Connections

Some coming soon pages take full advantage of the updating characteristic of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, providing visitors with buttons or icons to click that take them directly to fan or business pages.  This way, connection with visitors comes by the way of likes, retweets, bookmarks or other connectors.

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4. Keep ’em Guessing

One of the most marketable elements of coming soon page design is the curiosity factor.  Use this and use it well to attract customers wanting to know more about what’s to come.  The idea is to strike a delicate balance between telling too much and not saying enough.  Have a look at a few great examples of a job well-done:


5. Create An Invite

Beta testing is a great way to get visitors involved and engaged on your site without having to reveal the full launch to the entire public.  Many sites create a simple invitation for visitors to be the first to get a sneak peak of the site’s new features.


6. Offer a Quick Sale

Just because your site is not yet launched or still under construction doesn’t mean that the cash shouldn’t flow.  If there are marketable products available during the site’s down time, use the opportunity to test your market by offering one or two featured products for sale.



A coming soon page can be an exciting and dynamic endeavor considering its unique attributes and functions.  Hopefully, these tips and examples will inspire your coming soon page design to keep visitors wanting more.


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