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The Importance of Design in Web Development

Most web developers seem to take design for something which is established and do not really grant design the importance it deserves. However, this should not be so and you do not need to be trained in art to really appreciate a good design and the importance it has for a website.

Most web developers are focused on the development of knowledge they possess, which often does not really require an understanding about designing. Developers are more worried about keeping up to date with the evolving PHP and MYSQL world to worry about the importance of a design.

However, this does not need to be a recurrent stereo type, as there are web developers that appreciate design and the importance it has in a website and have a great understanding about what users are really looking for.

A web designer should not only be acquainted with all the fonts, styles and typography of page designing, other important issues should be considered such as to what the design will inspire users. You will notice that many websites you visit inspire different feelings and will create specific attitudes. This is why a design is so crucial, as it has a strong psychological effect on users’ behavior.

Google has actually studied the effects certain UIs have and has tried to improve these by following certain data patterns. Google studies how well a product works and if it does not, why not. Google found out that although their minimal design used for their page was working well, users actually did not like the horizontal rows Google used to use in the earlier phases.

So, it changed these to a more attractive look, which proves how important the “look” of a website is.

Unfortunately many web developers work with design by getting too much inspiration from other successful websites.

Although this design may work for a particular website, this may not be the case for a completely different one. It is important to focus on innovation, and making users try out new functionalities and designs. Small innovations can be just as effective, in fact they are by far the best tactics. It is important you apply innovations carefully and these have to be well thought out, as you may be better off not changing anything at all.

Design is an essential element that can influence users in many ways; this is why web developers should focus on how people react to certain images and how these designs feel when you first perceive them. It is in fact more important to concentrate on design changes rather to keep up with trends, as these may simply confuse the readers, will new design innovations will stimulate them.

Web developers are forever focusing on what will work better for the website in terms of coding and loading times. Although these are undoubtedly important issues, the design is what the eye perceives when the website’s home page opens up, and it needs to stimulate the reader and keep him on the page for further reading.


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