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There Is More to Web Designing Than Becoming an Expert on HTML5 and CSS3

Designers appear to be obsessed with HTML5 and CSS3.  Discussions about them are endless, in blogs all over the internet.  However, is there a limit to how much time we can take away from what we can do right now for our clients?
Of course, designers need to learn about and understand all aspects of HTML5 and CSS3, to keep their knowledge current.   The question is whether or not we are neglecting to learn about other areas, as well.  Here we will discuss four other areas that could also use our attention.

Strategic Content
When was it decided that content was a problem of the client’s?  They should not be expected to know about web writing, when designers are considered to be the experts.
The basis of every website is content.  This involves all forms of content:  functionality and audio, images, text and video.
The aesthetics of the web design is a lot less important that the content.  However, it is often thought to be the problem of the client.
Soon, clients will demand a lot more input from designers in the area of content.  While it is not imperative to become a content strategist, this does not mean that you should ignore the fundamentals of web writing.  At the very least, you should have basic knowledge in methods of making copy more scannable, what is included in a style guide and what the meaning of a “content audit” is.
If you can’t, now is the time to get started learning.


is also an integral part of all aspects of business.  How individuals think, should be considered in user interface, aesthetics, project management and sales.
The  majority of designers have not taken courses in psychology.  A lot of that area involves learning as you go, rather than a formal education.  Nevertheless, having the ability to understand thought processes are crucial.  Therefore, time should be spent reading up on this topic.

Customer Service
Customer service is an area that little time is spent on, especially in daily reading.  However, it is a very important part of any business, including web design.
Although we create designs, we are also in the service business.  Besides building websites we also teach clients and guide them through unfamiliar ground.  We are also advisers and supporters.
Secondly, website creation involves customer service for the end user as well.  We are instructors and teachers on the use of applications, for them.  Whether or not you want to provide better services to your clients and the end users, you can always us a brush up on this topic.

Web design has become more complex than it was a few years ago, with respect to developing a strategy.  Now, we don’t just build a simple website to sell a product or service, a lot more thought has to go into it.  We have to ask difficult questions of the client regarding the call to action, objectives of the business, and criteria for success.  Additionally, social media must be considered.
Again, you don’t have to get a degree, but taking some time to learn about corporate restructuring and direct marketing, will only help you to provide the best services you can.



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