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Things to do as a freelancer

Freelance web designers often try to accept as many projects as possible. In this fast changing world, everybody likes to do multitasking. You can’t afford to waste more time by doing additional sketching or revisions.

Basic fundamentals of freelancing should be clear to you, because this will help in setting a bottom line in every single project. When you are working with more than one client, then you must understand that adapting a design will be difficult, because your mind will have to concentrate on many projects. Below we are going to discuss some facts and tips, which will definitely help you in setting a bottom line.

Planning before taking any action

As a freelancer, you must understand the value of planning. Web designers, who constantly work on more than one project, must plan before implementing any design. Therefore, before writing any code you should schedule your work, and proceed according to your plan. Imagination is very important in website designing, you must imagine a website in your head, and then you should implement that design in your website. Whenever you proceed without a plan, you will notice that lots of small mistakes are made in your design, planning will help you in designing an error free website.

If you have some plans, then you can finish your project before the given deadline. In this way, you can make better websites, and you can schedule your steps, which will improve your overall quality of work. Some freelancers try to develop a cool and happening website by adding extra features and applications, well, that is just a waste of time. Always follow the instructions given by your client and keep things simple.

Understanding the need

You must understand the basic difference between working for client and working for yourself. When you are working for yourself, you can build a website where you can include things, which will attract more traffic and increase your brand value. But, when you are working for your client, you must stick to guidelines which are provided by your client.

Freelancing is all about money, you build websites for others because you want to earn some decent money, but at the same time you can also showcase your creativity. Always remember that quality is very important, if you can show some quality work, then clients will keep on hiring you again and again.

Some people are into freelancing, because they just want to earn some money by doing part time job, while some work for full time. You must understand that freelancing is not just a part time job, you can earn good amount of money by designing websites for various clients.

Sometimes, freelancers don’t get the correct motivation to get things going, well, in this situation one must relax a bit and look at the big picture, which they will achieve after completing the project. This method will definitely keep you motivated for a long time.

If you are having the right set of skills then freelancing won’t bother you at all, but sometimes motivation gives you that extra energy, which make things even smoother.

Don’t look for perfection

Freelancers generally waste a lot of time by trying to achieve a perfect design. Well, there is nothing like a perfect design, it completely depends on the viewers opinion. If you have developed a simple design then it might attract some clients, but some clients will say that this is completely rubbish. Therefore, you can’t develop something, which will attract every single person.

It’s better to accept the fact that perfection is not achievable at all. If you try to achieve perfection, then you will over analyze everything, and at last you will destroy your own creation. You must adapt a mindset that whatever you are going to create will attract clients, and then you will definitely develop something better. Always believe in yourself, and try to create normal designs.

Know your skills

Freelancers are having a bad habit of accepting every single project which is offered to them. They also accept projects which require different skills, which are not familiar to them. This leads to a total disaster.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about something, then you can’t satisfy all the requirements demanded by clients. Trying to work on something, which you don’t know is a complete waste of time. You should clarify your doubts, and read all the details regarding any project before accepting any work.

You should try new things, which are within your knowledge. For example, if you are having a good knowledge about PHP, but you have never developed a website by using this language, then you should try to accept projects, which will demand PHP designers. Definitely, you will face some problems while developing a website using PHP, but you can always brush up your old knowledge and learn from various tutorials to gain enough command over this language.

If you think that you can learn new languages within few hours, then that is just impossible. You can’t learn new things very quickly, but it is much easier to brush up things, which you have learned in past. Therefore, it’s better to avoid those projects, which is demanding things beyond the reach of our knowledge.

Accepting the final work as it is

Many freelancers after completing the final project try to implement few changes, which might increase the quality. Well, that is just a waste of time, it won’t increase the quality, but it will definitely increase your confusion regarding the project.

Overall, you should remember that freelancing is all about being paid in exchange of services provided by you. Therefore, you must stick with your bottom line. After completing a project, you must move on to next one. In this way, you can gain enough experience and learn new things, which will be interesting and useful at the same time. If you know your boundaries, then freelancing is the best thing for you. You get paid for things, which you always love to do.


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