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Tips for making your website popular

Demand for websites, which follows all the rules of Google, is increasing day by day. Website designers are getting constant pressure from their client to develop websites, which should rank higher on Google. Below we are going to discuss some of the most popular tips, which will definitely help you in developing better websites.

Fast things are always better

Speed is the main factor, which separates a good website from bad ones. There are various ways by which you can speed up your website. Users are getting smarter day by day, and they don’t want to waste their time on slow websites. If your website is slow, then you can reduce the overall use of HTTP requests.

You can add various CSS elements. Images can be compressed into single files, and you can also reuse those elements, which frequently appears in your design. Creating easy to use interface will definitely increase your website’s speed. You can add various style sheets, which will surely enhance the overall speed of your website.

Simple navigation

Every website must contain navigation and site map. Simple and clear menus will increase the overall readability of your website. Menu items should be short, because that will make things simpler. Users will find your website very easy to understand and use. The working logo of your website should always link back to the original home page. This is a very smart move because users like to go back on the home page without facing any problems.

If your website will have poor management, then users won’t like to spend their precious time on your website, because they know that there are various website on a simple topic.

Implement rich media to enhance the quality

Use of media like animated cartoons, videos and pictures has changed the scenario of website designing. Nowadays, users like to browse through websites, which is more interactive and entertaining in nature. Designing a website by using rich media will definitely help you in getting a lot of attention, but at the same time don’t overdo your website by these media options. The problem faced by various designers is compatibility issues.

If your videos are not compatible, then your videos won’t run on certain systems. Try to use third party video sharing company like YouTube. Implementing YouTube will increase the overall compatibility factor of your website.

Compatible for mobile devices

Nowadays, users are accessing websites through their mobile phones therefore developing a website, which is compatible with mobile will be a good idea. When you are optimizing your website for mobile devices, then you must remember that you should cut all those elements which are heavy and useless.

Mobile screens are small and websites should also keep important contents, which can be easily read through mobile phones. Avoid using flash programs, because flash programs will make your website very heavy and moreover users don’t like so many useless animations. Simplicity is the main thing, which you should follow. Nowadays, users are very smart, and they know the difference between quality and fluff.

Bookmark your website

If you want quality traffic on your website then you must list your website on social bookmarking websites. This method will surely help you in getting some quality traffic. If users are going to like your website, then they will tag it so that they can view it again in future. This will definitely be positive for your website. You must add sufficient content related to your website, so that users can get quality information from it. Bookmarking tool is a very effective process, which doesn’t consume much time.

You should use social media

Nowadays, social media is gaining a huge popularity among users. Social media is the latest way by which users can share information with other users. You should create an easier way by which users can share the information present on your website with one another on social media website. You will definitely find some quality users who will love to spend time on your website. Social media websites will also ensure that you get maximum exposure to gain good popularity among various users.

Clarity should be your main motive

If you are running a complex website, then you must clearly state your brand because that will help you in creating well brand awareness. When you are displaying your brand then make sure that every word or logo is designed clearly and carefully. Users should clearly understand and see your logo. When you are selecting a logo for your brand then make sure that it is having perfect combination of colors, and they should have clear fonts. If your logo gains some popularity then users will come back to your website from time to time.

Use intelligent search bars

Every website should implement an intelligent search bar so that users can easily find their liked content. But before selecting a search bar, you must understand that users don’t like complicated things. Therefore, you must implement those search bars which are easy to use. Search bar should have a clear font and good colors, which will enhance the overall look of your website. For example, Google is the most famous search engine, but their interface is the most simplest of all. Users always prefer simple design, which is effective and powerful.

Importance of keywords

In today’s world Google is the only way to increase quality traffic on your website. If you want to increase your traffic then you must achieve higher rank on Google. This can only be done by implementing SEO methods on your content.

Try to add optimized titles, and you should also optimize your whole content by using appropriate keywords. If users are looking for something, then they won’t type the whole matter, instead of this, they will type some keywords which is relevant to the subject. Before choosing a keyword for your website, you should try to understand the most appropriate keyword for your website, and after that optimize your content based on those selected keywords. But you should not over optimize you content, because that will annoy your users.


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