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Tips for website logo design

The logo is the image people remember.  Whether they have seen it on a product, billboard, or website, the colors and graphics that go into the logo are what sticks in their mind.  Is it the idea behind branding after all.

As a web designer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the logo is appropriate and effective and conveying the image a client wants for his customer.  These tips for website logo design, should help you in getting the balance just right.

Before you do anything, sketch your design, or get your artist if you have one to do some for you.  This encourages ideas to spread, and also once you have one that you think ticks all the boxes, you can take that to the client and get a second opinion.  If after 20 sketches or so you still are not happy with the design, take a break, throw everything away and start again.  The better the sketch, the better the finished product will be.

A balanced design has to take precedence over art!  I know it is unfair, but remember the logo is for branding purposes rather than a statement, so keep the graphics, colors and size equal.  This logo is going to be seen by many people who will not think of it as art, but as a symbol of the company it is representing.

Getting the size right is essential for logo design.  Your logo has to look equally good on a poster as it does on a letterhead.  For design purposes, get the logo right at its smallest size and see how it looks, as this is the hardest.  You can then get a poster size version of it in a print shop to see how it looks.

Color use is vitally important to logo design.  As a general rule of thumb, make sure you:

Use colors that are close to each other on the color wheel, for example, red, orange, yellow.

Remember the logo must look good in black and white, and greyscale with two other colors.

Don’t blind people by making the colors too bright.

You can throw away the rules on occasion providing the design works and everyone, including the client is happy with it.

It is good to remember that certain colors evoke different types of emotion, for example love, passion, anger and strength are associated with red.

It is a good idea to play around with color to get the feel to match the feel of the brand, and sometimes one color for a logo is fine.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.

This leads us neatly on to making the logo design style match the company design style.  As the logo represents the brand, the logo and the brand have to be synonymous with one another, so that when people see the logo, they think of the brand.  The key to gaining that understanding is to research the company the logo is going to be for, and then let the ideas come.  This is the foundation for the preliminary sketches.

Typography will effect your design enormously, so follow these simple rules:

Avoid using more than one font type.

Ensure the font is legible when scaled down

Avoid using common fonts as the design could look amateurish.

Custom fonts are a good idea and have been used effectively by many companies, for example, Coca Cola.   You will probably find yourself trying several fonts to get the design right.

These tips for logo design will set you on the right path when designing a logo, hopefully you will design logos that will stick in the mind for years to come.

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  1. Gaultney Ferrer

    People may not remember the actual name at a snap of a finger but when you try to show them the image or logo, at that instant, they know it! Logos are the images depicted in mind. And is really essential in promoting your business.

  2. Delois Fernando

    These are excellent tips in doing logos. Nothing more could be ask.

  3. Space Oddball

    Sometimes, websites logos are overlooked. Most of the time, web designers tend to focus much on the whole design of the website.

  4. Earl

    It would also help to get other people’s opinion. If most of them think it works, I say go for it.

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    Nice tips

  6. celly

    This is cool! These tips will surely be very essential to those that will be making their own website logo.

    I understand that most of us web designers will opt to ask someone to have the logo design made for us. But, I guess, all these are all nice. It can motivate those readers out there!

    More power!

  7. Malcolm Boyer

    Our gratitude in giving these informative tips. Way to go for developers like me. And kudos to authors like you!

  8. Floyd Gayweather

    Great tips! This is awesome and very informative. Effective points in designing logos for websites.

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    Good pointers to help designers in building logos. Great tips for clients to know what kind of logo could represent them. Very helpful.

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