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Tips on for Great Content

What happens when great content complements aesthetically-pleasing design?  Conversion rates go up, subscriptions increase, traffic begins to flow.  With all these benefits and rewards involved, it makes sense to spend a little time deciphering what makes good content great.

In this post, we’ll explore the world of content in hopes of discovering the best tips and hints to make content be all it can be.

What you’re Up Against

Speaking effectively through web design can be difficult, but it’s not impossible.  Below we’ve listed a few techniques to make this happen successfully, but first let’s take a quick look at what we’re up against.

• TMI – Including too much information on a site can diminish both its functionality as well as its user-friendliness – definitely something to be avoided.

• Incomplete Content – Including not enough information leaves visitors confused and frustrated – a definite no-no in design.

• Boring and Flat Content – Content that lacks personality and charm can alienate visitors and increase the chance that a click away from the site will surely be the next move.

• Untrustworthy Content – This could quite possibly be the biggest challenge with it comes to developing great content that engages and connects with the audience. Gaining the trust of visitors is crucial to a site’s success.

Content Tips

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the challenges of achieving the kind of content preferred by visitors, let’s explore how to get there in two basic steps.

1.  Balance Content

When it comes to content it can be extremely tempting to include as much information as possible, After all, your goal is to put your best foot forward, so that visitors get to know who and what you’re all about.  However, the real answer may be to adhere to the old saying, less is more.  Why?  Cluttered and confusing content can be a huge turn-off for visitors just looking for taking everything in at a glance.  Take some time to think carefully about balancing the amount of content available on a site, so that there’s not too much and not too little.

Digital Mash


2.  Captivate the Audience

One other big challenge is attracting the eyes and ears of the audience in such a way that visitors are less likely to click away or tune out the message.  In other words, in order to speak effectively through design, the content and design elements must flow together to appeal to a visitor as well as hold their interest until the message is conveyed.  Take a look at these examples below.



A daunting task it seems, but still doable.  Remember, the key is to engage the audience and capture the necessary attention.  Consider the word choice and diction used in the content.  Does it have personality or does it tend to alienate the audience with robotic verbosity and too much information? Does it factor in a diverse audience, or does it cater specifically to personal interests.  One of the best ways to lose a visitor is by shutting him out of the design conversation with self-centered prose. 


So much more can be said on the topic of creating great content.  We hope that you will send in your thoughts and views on what makes content successful.


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