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Tools for testing pages

Making certain that your pages are optimized for the fastest load time is something on should never skip on your website. Slow loaders will find themselves shunned and not getting their fair share of visitors. There are many tools on the web for optimizing and testing your website to enable you to give your visitors the best experience for loading times of your pages.  There is nothing more boring than watching something go round and round on the page and telling you percentages. If it takes longer than 10 to 15 seconds I am personally out of there, unless I am there to evaluate something. I look at so many pages in a day if it takes too long I would still be there the next day.

W Box

This tool is similar in the way it works to a Ping type tool. That is basically what it does. It pings pages. It is simple in operation, but it is to be remembered it is an open source file, and the download is the open source. There is also a windows download if you scroll down the pages.


Webload is an open source program with a 30 day trial for anyone who wants to try it out.  It is a program that has been about 14 years in development and funded by Radview.

Octagate Site Timer

Octagate is a web based performance tool, which works like a charm. It times your pages for opening and gives you extremely good advice for optimizing your pages.
More and more I have been seeing pages that are really far too large and cumbersome for good use. If you overload your page you will end up not having half of your information being read. People need to have a good experience not have to scroll half a mile down a page. They have a compression tool for sale, which could be a good idea for larger websites and companies. It’s a little on the hefty price size for a small company.

Web Page Analyzer

Here you can submit your URL to them for a free analysis. This can be done in more than one way either by the URL or by the code of the page. They also have a section on Tweaks they suggest to use to speed your site up. In addition they have a book they sell on the subject.  All in all, they have very good advice on this site.


Grinder is an open source program for checking Java for speed. It is typical of open source in that so many people have contributed to it.

Open Web Load

This is another open source program, which is free to download and check your pages. There is a full page of instructions on the download page which explain how to do it and what to look for.

Last but by no means least.  A special posting on the subject is available from Die.Net. It is a good idea to learn everything you can about the subject if you are going to be using a blog or building a website. It is something you will always need on the internet and keeping up to date is very important.


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