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Trendy Navigation

Ever wondered what’s the current state of navigation in the design world? Every once in a while, it’s good to take a look at the trends and conventions of certain design elements just to be sure your design is on target with modern demands.

Though many designers spend most of their time trying to carve their own paths, learning trends can serve as a powerful guide for making strong design choices. In the case of navigation, such an essential element of design deserves all the design planning and attention possible. A look at current trends can only enhance the design of this central element of a site.

In this post, we’ll discover the current trends in navigation design. Many of these trends are new, but some have been around for a while and are likely to stick around. Let’s take a look.

Current Trend

1. Curves

A rounded edge softens the look of navigation menu items making them easy on the eyes. It’s also a very user friendly technique. Curved lines give the menu items a button-like appearance which in turn motivates visitors to click them. This is a trend that’s fairly familiar to users and so increases the overall usability of the site.

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2. Stand Out

Stand out navigation menus are quick attention-getters and a surefire way to leave a favorable impression with visitors. Ribbons and 3-D like effects are used to make menu items pop off the page.


3. Creative Shapes

Creativity in navigation menus is a trend that should stick for decades to come. Indeed, it seems that for every traditional menu bar, there is that one unique and unusual design that seems to shatter all conventions. The Creative menu item is a great way to keep users enthused about visiting and browsing through your site.

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4. Animated

With the use of Java Script, navigation menu items can be subtly animated for spectacular effects. A variety of animation style is possible, and the animation is usually catalyzed with a hover to reveal more info, pop-up, slight shifts in the position or an icon. This trend follows closely on the tails of the creativity trend noted above and is a unique addition to any website’s genuine flair.


5. Paginated

This is a completely new trend – navigation menus that mimic real-world pages of books, magazines and newspapers. Users can turn through the flip them over like pages. It’s great for organizing large volumes of information collected on different pages and gives a site a unique and clever atmosphere of organized charm.

The Rich And Powerful


Some are new some are old, but each of these trends are worth considerable amounts of study and at least a little appreciation. With navigation menus playing such an important role in the user experience, it might be good to go with a trend or two in your next design.


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