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Use keywords for SEO success.

Search engine optimisation is a topic we have covered a few times over the last few weeks, and have dealt with it from a number of angles.  A newer perspective however, is called for, and this is to use keywords for SEO success.

The need for good, well thought out SEO writing is more prevalent then ever before.  Web pages need to be able to pull in the traffic, and to do that, web pages have to have text that pulls the search engine spiders towards it.

As we have mentioned before, it is not solely about repeating keywords, but making the article meaningful, and interesting enough to retain the reader.   So just listing keywords will not cut it to bring the traffic your way, and keep it there. 

Keywords though cannot be underestimated for SEO success.  We have looked at in detail the idea of using keywords as links, and trying to second guess the average user by choosing links that they will search for.  Now we must take things a step further, by using the right keywords in the body of the text, to bring the traffic your way.

The best way to approach an SEO article is to try and think about it in two ways.  One, what are you trying to say, what messages are you trying to convey to the reader, and two, what keywords do you think the reader will use to search for information.

To try and illustrate this, we will use a website that sells sporting memorabilia:  www.memorablesportingmoments.com, wants to draw attention to its range of European Soccer Trading Cards, as the owner feels that these have a good market, especially in Europe!  Ronaldino, is a player he feels will sell particularly well.

Ok, we know what we want to pull though on a search engine, so what we need to decide, is what will a user search for when looking for a card.  Here are a few suggestions.

Trading card

European soccer trading card.

European soccer.

Ronaldino soccer trading card.


Soccer trading card.

As we can see, we have five fairly good guesses as to how your average user will search for trading cards.  So, looking at the above, we can amalgamate ‘Trading card’, with three of our other choices, as this carries the same phrase.  So a search engine spider should find this if called to action.

The same can be said of ‘European soccer’, and ‘Ronaldino’.  Therefore, we now have two phrases to concentrate on. 

Ronaldino soccer trading card.

European soccer trading card.

So if we gear our article around these two phrases, repeating them three times each in the body of the text including the first, and last paragraphs.  We are in business.

As mentioned in our previous articles, we can also include these as a link, making them far more appealing to search engine spiders.

Then, providing we have an angle that is both interesting, and meaningful, we should start getting traffic coming our way. 

A good way to utilise any article that you write for your website, is to put it on the websites blog.  Remember the more people read it, the more memorable your site will become, and therefore, generate traffic.

Search engine optimisation has been identified as a key factor in a websites success and failure.  By using our tips and tricks, you should start to see the results fairly quickly in your bid to pull more traffic to your site, and your site’s ability to keep them there.  You cannot afford not to use it.  Just remember the trick is to use keywords for SEO success.

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  1. Celly

    It will be easier to find the best results if you will use different keywords that typing the whole sentence in your search box. Thanks a bunch for the rest of the tricks listed in this article. It will surely help us a lot in here.

  2. ericdampier

    This is like the very fundamental and elementary technique about SEO. It’s proven and it’s effective.

  3. Champ + Jolly Hotdog

    This is very basic. The use of keywords in SEO is the single, most effective technique in driving SEO success results.

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