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Various Ways to Make an Income Freelancing

The pros and cons of freelancing are quite simple.  The pro is freedom to be your own boss and the con is financial insecurity.  If freedom is your driving force, then this you’ll be interested in reading further.  We are going to discuss various ways to make an income freelancing.

Hands-off Income

One of the best types of income is one where you only have to do the work once and then get paid repeatedly. There are many websites on the internet that are willing to play mediator between you and a client.  If you create it, they will sell it.  This includes content such as templates, photographs, icons, etc.  You can make a lot of money if you create and publish lots of content.
There is a small fee, generally after each sale, that these website charges for their service.

Offer Web Hosting

If you are a web designer, offer hosting packages to your clients.  Not only does this help you with your finances, but also gives the client a sense of security.  There are two major concerns that you must deal with before you offer this service.  The first is to choose the best not the cheapest host.  This is extremely important if an issue arises.  Secondly, have an agreement drafted for you and your clients.  Make sure that it includes third party liability.

Freelance for Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses often can use the services of a designer, even though they are not all aware of this.  There will always be a need for business cards, posters, and website updates, etc.  The trick is convincing them that they need your service.

Content Writing

If you have any writing skills and knowledge to share, get hired writing content for blogs. Jobs like these are sometimes offered on Twitter.

Outsource Your Work

Outsource some of your work to someone you know.  You are still making money, because you will keep some of the monies from the client and pay your friend according to your written agreement/contract.

Online Stores

If you know of someone that has a product to sell, offer to design them an online store.

Write Books

Designers love reading books of inspiration that are full of photographs of designs like product boxes, logotypes, websites, etc.  Strangely enough they prefer to read these books on printed material rather than digital.
You would not have to fill the book with a lot of content, only photographs.  If you don’t have a clue about publishing, that problem is easily solved.  There are thousands of people offering this type of service.  They will of course charge a fee, but it is probably worth doing it with them rather than without.

Create Your Own Product

If you have an idea for a website or app, get it designed and programmed.  Perhaps you can barter services or persuade some investors.  If it doesn’t work, try again.  To be successful in freelancing you have to take risks in order to reap the benefits.


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