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Want your own social media site?

Social media like Facebook Twitter and the like have proved to be extremely popular. Because of the popularity of the aforesaid social media examples many people have tried to replicate them. Somehow this sort of site seems to be extremely difficult to replicate successfully. Some people have tried and some have been semi-successful but the results achieved by the originals have never been emulated.

There have been a few that have been a bit more successful than other most of which have been using the basic engine of Pligg which is a free basic system on which to launch a social network platform.

Pligg is an open source program which is a free download

This is a basic structure of a content management system on which to create your own social media networking site. Because of past problems with spamming a new insert has been added to the original program to aide owners to stop the spamming of links in the site. The current module of this is 1.1.2. You can get three different templates that are free as well as a twitter module, a facebook module and a social book mark module. In addition there are several different Pro modules available with prices ranging from $7.25 upwards dependent on what they are.  There are several social sites that are using Pligg and we are going to view two of the more successful ones that have managed to customized themselves more and thus not be so obviously Pligg.

The first one is Sphinn

Sphinn is a highly educational site for any one wanting to learn about SEO. This is what amounts to a forum on SEO topics with articles submitted on the subject by various people who are obviously knowledgeable about the subject.  Articles here are well worth viewing although there is only a brief description and a link to the full article. By reading up here you can get a clearer picture on where you might be going wrong on your SEO and your visitor or non-visitor ratios. Listening to advice of people who are successful at what you are attempting to do is always good. Although few will tell you the whole deal if you listen carefully over a while you will be able to pick up all the information you need in the end.
They have set the information out in a clear concise manner which means you can easily scroll down the list of articles and pick up anything you might be interested in. You can then follow the link and read up on what you want to know.

The second site I looked at was Design Float

Basically it looked similar to the first site although the content was different.
What is different is that the content is mixed on articles basically that people are advertising. Some of the content is extremely good but you need to have time to read through all of it. It’s the kind of site where you need to sit and link click probably all day to be able to read it all. Most of it is up to date and recent release and some of high quality. The moans one can overlook as people will always complain about others. It’s human nature. This is a list of articles on various subjects from themes availbel for WordPress to how to build a gallery of photos.

Although they were meant to be social media, neither reached their objective but are really basically just a different type of blog.

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