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Ways of Improving Your Home Office Design

A workstation is a way of revealing your personality, while at the same time providing you with an area to work creatively and freely.  Every setup plays a major role in providing a web or graphic designer a way to complete tasks with success.  As well, the environment has a direct effect on your productivity and mood so this should be considered when designing your home office.  After all, countess hours of your time will be spent sitting at the computer.

There are numerous ways in which to organize your space and there are not set rules on how to do it.  However, it is worth the effort to experiment with different setup ideas to provide you with maximum productivity.  Here we will discuss four ways you can use to accomplish this.
1.  Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is distracting.  All items that are not in use should be put away.  A system should also be put in place regularly in which to do this.
Storage devices should also be used consistently.  This includes your desk drawers, and if necessary, portable storage boxes.  You can get storage boxes for a good price from Ikea.  Throw out any papers or items that are not needed.  Keep your workspace as tidy as possible.

2.Have Lighting That is Sufficient

Lighting is one element that is often overlooked in a home office setup, but has a strong influence on the appearance of your office.

•    Use two modern light sources.  One to use for tasks and one for overhead lighting.
•    Use as much natural light as you can.  This also has a psychological effect.
•    Use a floor lamp to highlight additional seating.
•    Reduce glare by using curtains or lamp shades.
•    Use LED lighting for efficiency and less energy consumption

3. Have a Focal Point

A focal point can help you focus, by directing your attention.  This is often excluded in the home office, but is very beneficial.  Ideas for a focal point:

•    Your laptop.
•    Background artwork or wallpaper.
•    An area rug.

4. Wall Color Choice

After you have completed gathering your office materials, pick a wall color that will complement them.  A neutral color generally works best.  Chances are you will not get bored with it hence; you will not need to make changes.  If you want some color try adding a few touches.
In addition, we all know that color has a direct effect on our moods, so think about choosing a color that will help you with your productivity.

Red: Is aggressive.

Orange: Encourages socialization.

Yellow: Stimulates creativity, mental activity and clarity

Blue-Green: Is soothing.

5. Give Yourself Inspiration

This step is the most enjoyable aspect.  As a freelancer you have complete creative control with what you put in your workspace.  Use items that will provide you with visual encouragement and motivation.  As well, use it as a means for personal expression.

•    Family photographs.
•    Paintings
•    Inspirational quotes.
•    Flowers
•    White board



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