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Web design tips for web pages

The web page is your canvas, and where all the action happens.  This goes without saying, but it is also the place that makes or breaks you.  Below are some web design tips for web pages, to keep them as good as they can be, and not pages that make you want to click on another site. 

It is important to keep images as small as possible, slow pages are bad for traffic retention, so keep the size to a minimum.  Ensure that the pictures are as optimised as they can be to this end.


Unless the image is a design image, make sure that any graphics on the screen are relevant to the site.  No need to put a picture of your favourite player on the site, unless there is a demand for it.


This may come as a shock to all you graphic creator types, but graphics that flash, zoom around or make the tea, actually put off your typical surfer.  So use them sparingly, and even better, tastefully.  In many instances, this means not at all.


Ensure the layout is readable.  We have covered the layout types in detail last week, and basically for a general layout, stick with either the horizontal, or vertical layouts.  They, like newspapers, are key to readability, and retaining traffic.


Whitespace is more than just a function.  Like print layouts, it is key to how pieces will be viewed.  Learn to use it, learn to love it.


To use graphics well, make sure they are elements in the design layout, and not just something that has been put there for the fun of it.  All graphics are elements on the site, and should be utilised.  This points to our previous point, above.


If you come from a print background, the idea of using Serif for headlines, and Sans-Serif for text may not sit well with you, but remember a computer monitor does not have the same resolution as print.  Therefore, using these fonts for a layout is a good choice.  Most browsers will have them, and it will look effective.  For printing, reverse the fonts.


Never use more than two or three fonts.  If you want an amateurish site, use fifteen fonts.  For a professional touch, use standard font families. 


It is tempting to use obscure, funky fonts, but remember most browsers wont support them.  This makes the overall design distort, and look unprofessional.  Stick with standard fonts to ensure consistency of web page design.


Another invaluable web design tip for web page design is to be mindful of advertisements.  Do not swamp your readership with ads, as this can be off putting, and detract from the content.  Remember, they are not reading the page to see the ads.


Also, ads are like any other image, and should be treated as such.  Make sure they are relevant to the site, and keep them small and unobtrusive.


Make sure that your site works on all web browsers, and all versions.  Just because you have the latest browser, does not mean that the guy on the other side of the world will.  Think about it.


This is also true of operating systems.  What works in windows may not work on its apple counterpart.  Ensure consistency, and you will ensure traffic.


Lastly, keep everything relevant to your audience.  You know when you are at a wedding, party, or club, and the DJ plays music nobody wants to hear?  Well that is what it is like for readers of your site, if it just doesn’t have the content it should do.


We hope these little words of wisdom are valuable web design tips for web pages.  We are sure they will come in handy.

4 Responses to “Web design tips for web pages”
  1. Arvin

    In reality, I must say that we all will have our different styles and designs. We own it. These tips are helpful to take in consideration. However, as mentioned at the end of the day, you will still be responsible with your own designs.

  2. Shenla

    About the Serif font. I myself don’t like to include that font in my designs. I find it too simple and delicate to match with my background.

  3. Phey

    I’d like my web page simple. I don’t really like it when there are too many ads or articles in just one page. I am personally having a bad experience reading a site like that. So, I agree with this article. Make your design simple but elegant.

  4. Luis

    I agree with you Arvin. Still, I’d like to thank you for posting this informative article. It is nice of you to share this to us. I dedicate this articles to those newbies in web designing.
    Remember this: You can either make or break your web design. It’s all in your hands

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