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Web designing is a very weird sector, and you will see that some trends are gaining a huge popularity while some are not. But nothing stays forever, trends come and go. Nobody can tell you a proper method by which you can design a famous website. Designers can definitely add some popular trends on their websites to increase the overall appeal.

Nowadays, users are very smart and intelligent, and if you are having a website with good functionalities, then you can definitely leave an impression on them, but without proper functionalities it is very tough to gain huge popularity. Below we are going to discuss some of the most popular functionalities, which will help you a lot while developing a website.

Implement a responsive design for your website

Responsive web design is the most famous of all designs. This design is definitely going to stay for a long time, because it enhances the functionalities incredibly. This design also improves the overall quality of any website, and it also enhances the features. If you are going to use responsive web design, then your website can also be accessed by using mobile phone and tablet pc. Therefore, your website will gain huge popularity, and the traffic will increase drastically. This web design is gaining huge popularity.

Clear navigation toggles

If you are developing a website, then you must always remember that navigation keys should be kept clear. Sometimes, web designers decrease the visibility of navigation keys by adding too much color and design. Visibility of navigation keys are very important otherwise users will feel annoyed.

You must design them in such a way that it suits the overall environment. If you just concentrate on visibility, then the overall elegance of the website will reduce. Therefore, you must maintain a balance between visibility of navigation keys and the overall design layout. Selection of a proper color is also very important. You must select a colour, which properly matches with the overall environment of the website. If you can maintain a perfect balance between overall layout design and visibility of navigation keys, then you can definitively get some good traffic.

Advance and improved features

If you can implement small things like rounded buttons, drop shadows and rounded corners, then your website will obviously look much better than before. With advanced technology, new and improved designs are available, which really makes your website beautiful and elegant. Themes like fancy boxes are also hitting the market really hard, and various websites are applying this design.

Fancy box theme will increase your website’s beauty, and they will also improve the functionality of the website. Circular elements are very common in many good looking websites. But now, everybody likes to apply something which is different and beautiful at the same time. Those designs, which allow maximum functionalities, are gaining popularity.

Using a character to represent your website

Earlier, we used to see that some cartoon is entering the website from one end and speaking about the various functionalities. Well, that trend is still famous in the market. Nowadays, various cartoon characters are getting used as their mascots.

These mascots will speak about the features and moreover they will guide you to different section of the website. If you are also thinking about using a character, then you must choose your character wisely, because then you will have to carry that character for a long time. These mascots also play a very important role in marketing of the website.

Multiple columns

If any website is having various features, then they face problems to showcase their features on the main page, and because of that they will have to create various links. But the overall process will be messy, and users will face difficulties while roaming around freely. This multi-column approach, which allows you to create various columns, gives you the power to manage things in a systematic way. Users also like this approach, because they can easily visit their desired page without facing any trouble.

Adding advanced animation

If you want to improve your website, then you can use improved animation. These animations are light and very attractive and they won’t make your website heavy. If you want to implement animation in small areas then JQuery is the best option for you. You can also improve your website by adding these animations with CSS 3 sheets. Adding functionalities by using CSS sheets will make your website more compatible.

Using ribbons and banners

Nowadays, ribbon and banner designs are very famous in the market. By using ribbons and banners you can make your website neat and clean. You can clearly start new products and implement this design. Users also like this design, because they easily notice any new product and feature launched by websites. This design also improves the overall readability of the website.

Adding various infographics

This is a high tech feature, which improves the overall performance of your website. Infographics is actually presenting various things in form of pictures. Infographics is gaining a good popularity in the market. You can represent complicated news and features in a much easier way by the use of infographics. But the use infographics is very time consuming, you will have to spend some time while creating a perfect infographic. When you use infographics in your website and you can easily notice that traffic is increasing in your website.

Every website is having a general motive, which is generating quality traffic on their website. If you make a website with simple interface, and with easy to use features, then your website will gain popularity than others.

Some designers like to stuff useless designs on their website, and this makes the website clustered and slow. It’s always better to attract users by using simple designs.

Websites are just for information and features. Some designers are having a misconception that websites are there for showing off your skills. Users basically like to use website for information purpose. Therefore, you must stick to basics and provide quality information with simplicity.


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