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Websites and metaphors, driving on the same lane

If you want to learn more about the environment near you, then one will have to collect information by using their senses. This collection of data is very important, because it helps in making accurate and perfect judgement.

This is the definitely possible in the offline world. But when we are talking about the online world, then web developers and designers have to face serious challenges during the construction phase. They must utilize the information correctly otherwise users won’t be able to use the website properly.

Metaphors are a great way to represent anything, and it also allows us to represent things in an easy way. You can compare two things to create a metaphor, and this can be done in websites to explain various aspects of the website.

Various experts believe that our world is surrounded by metaphors. We use metaphors in our language. There are several other ways by which our daily routines are filled with metaphors.

Below we are going to list out some points where metaphors can help us

Metaphors can explain the abstract content

Metaphors are a great way to express things, and because of this we can use it in different ways. A web developer can use metaphors to make others understand abstract things. You can link abstract content to something solid, which can be easily understood. The metaphor will help every user, because the comparison will make it easier for everyone to understand complex and abstract content.

If we take a look at some of the basic uses of metaphors, then icons are the best example for it. We have seen various types of icons representing complex things. These icons are not only easy to understand, but they are selected from a wide range of applications or appliances, which we see in our daily life. These icons compare those complex and abstract contents with them, which hold similar values.

On various websites, you will see that a wrench icon is displayed over utility option, which means that utility option has got something to do with editing. Not only this, there are various other examples where icons are used to simplify the understanding process.

Metaphors are definitely an art. Only creative mind can create something like this. You can compare some of the toughest things in this word with something very easy, which will make that complex thing very easy to understand.

You may have experienced a 404 error while trying to access some web page. This error is very common, and most of the websites try to give you a technical reason for this error, instead of that same metaphor can be used to give a total different explanation of this error. Metaphorical explanation will definitely help users in understanding this problem.

Metaphors are so familiar to every single user

We are gifted with a very smart brain, and that’s the reason why metaphors are always a smart move. When we see something, which is complex in nature, and at the same time it is having a very tough explanation, then our brain tries to relate it with something, which we have seen earlier.

This is the reason, why icons are so helpful. Whenever we see an icon, we try to compare the basic use of that icon in the real world. This icon system helps us to understand complex things.

Metaphors are so useful and beneficial that almost every website tries to implement this idea. Without this, it is impossible to create a connection with the user. Otherwise, users won’t be able to sort down things, which are really good for them.

Metaphors can easily attract you emotionally

We know the importance of icons, but there are some websites where icons are very common and close to our day to day routine. We have seen various designs, where get in touch option is compared to a Coffee icon. This is definitely a very smart move, because coffee generally denotes a meeting. When we meet people or friends, then we like to have a cup of coffee. So, this icon is very close to us, and we are emotionally attached to it.

Metaphor plays a very vital role here. Comparing the contact me option with a coffee is definitely a smart move, but it also a business strategy. Companies and websites are very keen nowadays to develop something, which directly makes an emotional attachment with the user.

Not only big companies, but small companies are also adapting this strategy to attract more users towards them.

Metaphor can attract a huge crowd

nowadays, technology and competition is growing rapidly, and this is the main reason why companies and websites are trying to attract more and more users towards them. Metaphor is one of the most preferred way by which websites can attract a huge amount of users. If you think that marketing is the only way by which users can come to your website, then you are wrong because metaphors are equally important in this scenario.

If your website is not having a well researched metaphor, then your website won’t look attractive. For example, if you are about to develop a website, then you can create a log in form in the shape of a name tag, which will attract users, because name-tag is something, which is very common. People get attracted towards common things.

Flourish is a website, which illustrates their working in a very interesting way. They have drawn a tree on their homepage, which is growing in the middle of the desert, which illustrates their level of working. They want to convey a clear message that their services are so good that people can get it anywhere.

Users are definitely getting smarter day by day, but they always like things, which they see in their daily life. Metaphors give them the same thing. Sometimes, users don’t understand some important concept, and at that point of time, metaphors can help them.

If you are a web developer, then the use of metaphors will definitely increase the overall charm of your website.


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