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Whitespace: The mostly ignored design element

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Well, most of the times; the whitespace is left unused because some of the non-technical designers along with their clients consider the whitespace as the waste of valuable real estate of the screen. In reality whitespace, if utilized properly, can be used to enhance the fascination of your web design. Whitespace provides easier scanning of a website. It helps in making sure that visitors don’t get scared by huge amount of text. It provides the proper separation of the different elements without adding new ones like some visible boxes or lines. Trust me it really helps in keeping it clean, professional at the same time. So basically whitespace provide free, uncluttered and fresh feel to the website.

Elegance and sophistication

Sometimes, during print designing, clients demand their designs to be filled till every single corner of the paper, because they always want to get the maximum worth out of the money they spend. Same is the case with web designing on the screen real estate. Whitespace if utilized efficiently can add volume to your brand description. The content displayed on the real estate screen can be presented as a most important part of the page by using a decent and reasonable amount of whitespace. In this way, the message can be presented in a better way in front of the viewer.
This technique has been used by luxury brands to create a softer and more appealing image of their products for example, Pottery Barn. This concept is even very common in creating logos as a large deal of whitespace is used between every character.
There are a number of clients who lose their publicity because of low level of web designing. In this regard, lack of proper whitespace can be considered as a contributing factor.

Better legibility and usability


We all know that presentation of the product description plays a key role in making the product more appealing and attractive. If there is more room between the elements and letters on the page, the presentation can be enhanced like Information Highwayman. Furthermore, by being generous with your whitespace it will become easier to read, print and absorb the written content. It also helps distinguishing different characters and columns from one another.
There are different ways to create a decent design using whitespace, such as, giving gaps between various blocks and columns or giving a reasonable distance in words. In this way, using whitespace, one can create a great web design.

Develop an eye for whitespace

To create a web design which is capable of gaining user attention, it’s very important to create a design, which possesses a decent proportion of whitespace. However, there is no formula to calculate the exact amount of whitespace to be used in a particular web design. So you can go with your instincts. The best way to create an amazing design by properly utilizing your whitespace is by experimenting and observing the designs created by others. By doing so, the designer can get an idea and create the most appealing and attracting designs ever by utilizing generous dose of whitespace.


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