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Why Communication Is Vital In a Freelance Designing Team

Working in a team or as an  individual is altogether different. From the very best times of heavy work load, it’s the team that works as a whole and the burden is on everyone, and not just the head. When you are heading a freelance design team, communication is the key, and if a team of freelancers is managed well, you not only get quality but pass through deadlines smartly without any pressure or mental stress.

Website designing is a creative field and require ideas and suggestions to be discussed clearly before you get down to  work, and therefore same needs to be communicated to everyone in the team. It is best to manage and build strong wires of interaction at every single step. Let me share some tips of effective and friendly chats between designers who can pep up your work.

The Discussion Table

A meeting space is an essential area and must be a comfortable space for all. Since freelancers work in different backgrounds, sharing a common space for a meeting will not only allow them to face the ideas, but accept the differences as part of work and take on collective suggestions to ensure success of the project, and the more often you go for these small meetings the more confident you will be. A weekly meeting is a must, and if it can be frequent, nothing better than that.

Use the same place to hold meetings, which is familiar to all and keep the place same for all other meetings to enhance the comfort and let the teammates come up with effective opinions. Schedule out your meetings as and when required.  Meet up to talk business over  and let the brain work sharply over projects in hand.

Everyone Is a Representative

A team work only pays when you all follow one approach. This is certainly true if you have to team members who are specialized in some way or the other and work together for the perfect result. The moment you segregate role of each, there is no clashes, just smooth work. However, make sure this doesn’t end up giving too much to just one person.Distribution of work to all should be equal.

You have to talk to everyone before taking up the project. Once everyone has gone through the details and requirements. Let each of them assign themselves their own task for best performance, and once they know what task they have to do, management is easy and there is no question of overburdening someone.

Organizing this stage before you start working on the design is crucial. Make sure you give enough time to everyone so that they instantly take up the task.

Update, Guys!

This may be the biggest problem of teams who are sitting in the corners of world and virtually connected. However now with Skype, Google chats and messengers, you can not only update all, but create a small conference after every day’s work. And to ease the gap set up by distances, make sure you create a working space virtually which is open to all.

This activity needs to be taken as a habit as there are many freelancers who forget or miss sharing the minutest detail with the team thereby pushing the deadline without any sufficient reason. And if one team member has to work after the other finishes his part, there should not be any lag.  A virtual set up for “live demo” of the finished work must be available to all to ensure transparency.

Follow Common Practices

There are many workspace customs that are followed by designers and through professionals in the designing community. They know the basics and know how to organize files into different groups and layers. Conventions used for naming are important to ensure uniformity and for graphics and coding an unrelated document must be made to be used as an index.

Since you give multiple HTML pages to varied members of a team sitting at different places, make sure you block the areas of layout, which may confuse the other freelance designers. As Inline JavaScript and CSS are confusing and take up more space than needed, you should make custom-made spreadsheets and files for perfect organization. Inline comments also help the person viewing the file as it styles target elements content page text, body and inner wrapper.

Enhance Creativity

When looking for finest designs and perfection don’t leave your creativity behind. As a freelancer its best to give it your time and space along with other things. This helps you get superb ideas. Sit and discuss something new or create a website solely by imagining all its components without even touching your computer. And if that’s what we call as creativity, I call it the power of Imagination!

The first tip for a high productivity is a healthy lifestyle, which not only gives better satisfaction towards work but also a good night’s sleep. And if you are well in physical and abstracts, efficiency and productivity will double.  Focus on one project at a time but make sure that you take time out for leisure and family as well.


Once you implement all these ideas, I hope this will help you move forward of all your current competitors. Freelancing is tough individually and when you are in a team of different brain heads with special skills to their name, you are a part of diversity.

Focus on the interest of a team and if everyone is on the same level the results will be nothing less than brilliant.

Tell us, your ideas, comments or any inclusions you would like us to do in our post. For improvements and ideas are always welcome to enhance productivity, income, work satisfaction; it’s the same enthusiasm which is needed on every new project you take on. And with creativity, disciplined life and mastering team work you can get all the ways of being a proficient freelance website designer.

Let us know how you feel about freelance designer teams and other work models that should be used for effective team building.


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