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Basic Ingredients of Good Website Design



When you think about it, where do you start when creating a website? What is the idea behind it? What is its purpose? These three questions, are the building blocks of a good website. Once they have been answered, the road to website success is a straight one, rather than one, where you are always looking for the map.

A role of the website, is to take your ideas, opinions, information, or items you want to sell, and project it at your intended audience. The formats that are used vary, as do the methods of projection, especially when there is something to sell, but once the purpose of the website has been established, the next thing to think about, is where to start.Is it a good idea to start by coding? Deciding on the web copy? Deciding on the intended audience of the site? Well, in my opinion, you look at who you want to project the site to first. This will determine the look and feel of the site.
If you’re aiming for teenagers, the language of the web copy will be more “hip”, and “cool”. The look and navigation of the site may well have more “hip”, and “cool” graphics. Where as a gardening site, everything will be different again. It is the intended audience that dictates a site. This naturally leads into the web content. Well written web copy is key. This is after all, how you communicate with your intended audience. If you want to make sales, you want a very persuasive web copy, pointing out how great an item is, or what it does. Maybe it only requires a short description, but none the less, it can be the difference between making a sale, and not making one.

Good web copy will convey arguments far more effectively too, so if your website is your polemic, or it maybe one that encourages feedback on something you have created, you want web copy that will engage the audience, and make them stay, and not navigate somewhere else. The bottom line here, is that good web copy can make a real difference to website traffic.Then finally, we come to the design itself. Arguably, the engine of a website. Again, think about the intended audience, think about what the site is trying to do. Is the site selling something? If so, is it a good idea to have plenty of buttons navigating away from the checkout section? No, I don’t think so either. Can the audience click on an item and buy it easily? How easy is it to upload content to the site? Should the site be using wordpress, or should the content management system be different?

It is by answering these kind of questions that will determine how the site is constructed. It is also essential that the audience’s needs are at the forefront of the design. Are the users going to be computer savvy? No, well the navigation better be clear then, as should the layout. Arguably, this should be the case for any website, but really it boils down to what is the level of hand holding required. Remember too, the page load times should be minimal as well. You do not want your audience getting bored and doing something else instead.

The better websites on the web have all began from an idea, or a need. It is by starting with the basics that determine how good a website will become. Taking a bit of time to ensure you are heading in the right direction with your website, could save hours of stress towards the end of the process and, could be the difference between the success and failure of your company or organization.

7 Responses to “Basic Ingredients of Good Website Design”
  1. abyviduya

    Very well said. The words and the design of the website create lasting impressions on the visitor. If all the right words are highlighted to create an interesting profile of the website, then the visitor will be easily drawn to the site and possibly even bookmark it..

  2. Dianne

    A good website design to me is something that’s easy to navigate and isn’t cluttered by numerous images, unless of course it’s a photography website. Even then, images should be kept at minimum. Or at least hidden under links that say “Read more” or something.

  3. Melissa

    A nice website design for me is those of which that I can be happy reading it’s contents. It will have all those interesting topics. Also it is important to me to have a very nice reader friendly site for reading.

  4. ?????? ????????

    Thanks article interesting

  5. Patrick

    This is a very nice article. It can be considered as a checklist as well. I will take note of all these and will make sure it will be all in my website!

  6. May

    Most of use designers will just encode everything we thought is OK. We tend to forget to think about the users we have. They will be the one who will suffer if we won’t make a good website.

  7. Patrick

    I agree with you May. I want to consider this article as a wake up call to those designers out there. We have to take in consideration the thought of our clients. For me, this tips are really effective. You can add more styles on this, However, you have to make sure that you are still aligned with the basics.

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