Free WordPress Themes for web design.

 WordPress, as you are no doubt aware, has exploded in popularity over a very small space of time.  It has become a business in its own right, with developers selling themes at every opportunity, and coming up with ever more daring, imaginative and practical designs.  And why not, money is money, after all.


Despite this, there are still a lot of free wordpress themes for web design, still out there on the web.  So we thought you might like to know where to find them, and have provided the links, so finding them will be easy. 


For those of you unfamiliar with the blogging tool, WordPress is simply a content management system, which enables users to upload information, which is then displayed on a website. 


We use it at, and many different companies and organisations use it all the time.


The beauty of WordPress, is that it is easily customizable, and is easy to use.  In short it is a bit of a dream. 


When choosing your theme, try and ask yourself what kind of site you are looking to create, what you are trying to say or show, and what you want to get out of people looking at the site.  It may help to try and decide how you want your blog pages to look, and then choose a theme that fits that description. 


Of course, you may be looking through the themes and one will suddenly appear, and you will know that is the one. 


So here are the free WordPress themes for web design, and it has to be said, they are all very good.


Irresistible [Demo]


One Room [Demo]


Elegant Grunge [Demo]


Typebased [Demo]


BlogTheme [Demo]


Colourise [Demo]


Cellar Heat [Demo]


Pixeled [Demo]


Outdoorsy [Demo]


Vector Flower [Demo]


Magaling [Demo]


WildDreams [Demo]


WPESP [Demo]


Portfolio Press [Demo]


Black Pearl [Demo]


Masinop [Demo]


WP CODA [Demo]


Google Chrome [Demo]


miniBlog [Demo]


Absynthe [Demo]


BlueDiamond [Demo]


BlackPower [Demo]


Old School [Demo]




Freemium [Demo]


Fholio [Demo]


Versatility Lite [Demo]


Curious [Demo]


Sketchy [Demo]


Sanddollar [Demo]


Fusion [Demo]


Matalag [Demo]


Typogriph [Demo]


Coffee Desk [Demo]


Andrea 0.3 [Demo]


Arras Theme [Demo]


Skyye News [Demo]


Meta-Morphosis [Demo]


TheLatest [Demo]


Scarlett [Demo]


TurnOut Mag [Demo]


MegaNews [Demo]


SchemerMag [Demo]


TransGravita [Demo]


Chara [Demo]


Marcelle [Demo]


Red Accent [Demo]


Parchment [Demo]


ThemePod [Demo]


The Pinnacle [Demo]




Gamezine [Demo]


Milano [Demo]


Zinmag Tribune [Demo]


IsoTherm News [Demo]


CorporateMag [Demo]


CryBook [Demo]


PhotoMadness [Demo]


Snapshot [Demo]


AutoFocus [Demo]


Futurosity Aperio Prototype [Demo]


Linquist [Demo]


Fotofolio [Demo]


Viewport [Demo]


Folio Elements [Demo]


iQ2 [Demo]


F8 Lite [Demo]


The Unstandard WP 2.7 [Demo]


MagZine [Demo]


Equilibrium [Demo]


Fontella [Demo]


Minimo [Demo]


Oulipo [Demo]


Manifest [Demo]


Modern Clix [Demo]


Sharpfolio [Demo]


Sator-ii [Demo]


Undedicated [Demo]


Clean Home [Demo]


Sans-serif Racer [Demo]




Grid Focus 2.7 [Demo]


Cardeo [Demo]


Gigantic [Demo]


Imprezz [Demo]


Compositio [Demo]


Vintage and Blues [Demo]


ASCII One [Demo]


Black Magic [Demo]


Color Paper [Demo]


Cellar Heat [Demo]


Simply Ornate [Demo]


Agregado [Demo]


Notepad Chaos [Demo]


WordPress Fun [Demo]


Magazeen [Demo]


Gallery [Demo]


Infinity [Demo]


Changing Room [Demo]


UnderCon [Demo]


Crafty Cart [Demo]


WP-Dashboard Like [Demo]


City Dreams





We hope these themes have proved useful, and you have had a eureka moment, and have chosen the right one for you.  It will probably be a good idea to get people you know to give you an honest opinion on your choice, as this will give you a better idea if you are on the right track.  The key here, is to ensure that you will get an honest opinion, and not an opinion from somebody trying to be nice.


Also, try not to get distracted with the “funkier” themes, as this may not be the right one for your site.


Have fun with your free WordPress themes for web design.

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