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Learn To Make More Money With WordPress

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Website designers always intend to make the hefty dollars for hours they spend working. With the new ones coming and asking me for the ways to increase their income per hour, there is certainly a scope of improvement in increment everywhere. Let us look at the options.

Designing is definitely a creative art and depends upon the needs of the client but also your skills. While many website designers know that they are capable of doing quite alot, they at most need to be shown a way. A $100 or $125 per hour, are not a something you simply can dream off; my friend, it’s a reality, and if you were just thinking of it for a while, start practicing it now. In actuality, this is an average pay of many students who are working as a trainee.

In the last decade or so, website designing has come up as simply a form of digital art and has a lot to offer in terms of money, fame and work satisfaction. The only advice most designers get from others is to increase your hourly rate and build the website in WordPress.

WordPress started out as a stage for blogging activities, but it’s now a popular content management system and with its increased demand in recent years clients are asking for WordPress Portals. Using this, will help you achieve better results, easier client satisfaction and above all more money.

There are three major ways which WordPress can increase your hourly rates:

WordPress Is Free Of Cost

And if I am seeing a light smile on your face, this is what I wish. Those who are just beginning in designing, WordPress is a great CMS to initiate your career. As money is quite an issue with trainees, buying website design software for several thousand dollars is never easy, and once you have a WordPress; you can design websites just the way you do. With no negatives, you are almost safe with no money spent on the infrastructure for the website design.

Starting up with WordPress is quick with no investment at all. And if you have put your hand into it, you don’t have to spend a single cent over your basic software not only, for the time being, but for life. And with no upgraded version worries WordPress is a classic choice. This will also help you save more and thereby help you invest the same in better options for your business, such as advertising or other ways to seek more clients.

Website Build In No Time

HTML websites take weeks of hard work if you have to begin from the dot.  With WordPress, you just take less time as compared to the classic website building which still takes weeks.  A new unique portal too can be ready in about eight hours. And if you are asking for a $1000 for a website, you are in for $125 for hour project!

And if I compare the classic price of $1000 per website per week believe me, you rate would have slashed almost around 75%. Thanks to the WordPress Plug-ins that can even fetch you more.

Don’t get mad over figures, Just Understand the trick!

Plug-ins is just the way for you and with the inclusion of WordPress in your daily business, you can make hefty without putting a lot of effort comparatively.

Believing 8 hours may be tough for you initially but when you sit to work at WordPress, you will know magic. This quick website is not a grade minus than other classic ways- of-building and has all that any other good CMS has. You can include the shopping cart, sliders, social media integration and support; custom-made WordPress websites have all the functional units of a good website. And if the designer is creative enough, nothing is impossible.

WordPress Is Easy To Revise

A keen business man and a website designer initially charges a monthly sum for regular updating of the WordPress Site and then update the plug-ins, and other functional features according to the new features.

However, there are many, whom I know, have done this and updated the new WordPress In simple clicks without killing much time. This is an easy way to ensure that you do not cut time from your current work and then update the older client’s website.

And if you can take projects, which demand newer version of WordPress you can always add more income to you account. This is one of the best way designers can spend time away with their family and friends and not at their desktop with overflowing projects and less time.

The multiple themes and high -end features with this competent website designing  the platform gives you an edge over others. This includes saving time, making money and giving time to your creative skills rather than working hard for weeks at $25!

If you can take up further from my website designing experiences, I shall be more than happy to share with you.  Teaching others about work and website designing is not the best way but how to earn an income with smart ideas such as WordPress definitely is.


From the best of the infrastructure and the software to a free WordPress which is an open- source where you can not only update it frequently but add all the functional requirements as demanded by the high profile client. Another WordPress advantage is that you can handle bulk work without any stress to meet deadline or commitment.

Money may not be everything but when you are initiating at such low hourly rates, finding a way out for better income is not at all wrong or unethical. Rather its business, hard work and creativity that you can put in as a Designer. From advanced to the beginners, WordPress is made for all.

I disagree with those who do not believe in magic and especially a free magic like WordPress. Try it without a doubt; your results will come out wonderfully well.


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