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5 Amazing Animal and Pet Templates that give you a warm feeling


I have worked in the field of web development for quite a long time now and my experience has taught me something really interesting: if the interface of a website is not appealing, the visitor will not come again no matter what you put on the website. It is the first impression after all that is what matters. Animal and pet care has turned out to be a great subject online. Animal website template and pet website template selection is a tricky one, as you need to have a lot of pages and quality navigation to keep the visitor engaged in your services. Animal pet care is a subject of care and attention, so I have the following recommendations here.

The Dog Club:


Dog is an important member of the animal world and Dog Club is the ideal theme for such a website. If you are running a pet care service or a pet shop, the Dog Club is a perfect theme. There are a lot of puppy care websites providing tips and suggestions for owners and such a theme helps visitor get the most out of the subject. The theme has a lot of pages where you can summarize information that you wish to deliver. The Dog Club has a special section for events and shop as well that you can use if the need be.

Birds Associate:

An animal and pet website that does not showcase natural elements has no attraction as far as I have observed. Visitors who come to your website see the interface at the first place and content afterwards. Birds Associate provides a great interface to anyone providing information and services about blue birds primarily. You can use it for ducks, eagle and other birds as well according to the needs. With just a few changes, the Birds Associate can be turned into an Animal planet website.

Cats Blog:

Cats Blog did impress me in the very first encounter. The template has an excellent navigation for any cat of animal based personal page where one can put in as much information as possible. The use of graphics on Cats Blog is exotic giving this template an excellent thematic look. I suggest this website template to all of the animal lovers who like to blog about their pets and animals. The complete package comes with the PSD source that you can edit to make the Cats Blog turn into Dogs Blog or any other animal.

Excellent Club:

Sometimes an animal and pet website might not only need information about pets and animals: corporate websites on this subject might need to have tourism and travel details as well. Excellent Club is all about beaches, parrots, aero planes and anything that falls into this domain. The theme is well crafted for a travel or tourism website where anything from information to products can be showcased.


The name tells it all: Aquarium Website Template is made primarily for fishes and household aquariums but one you have the PSD editable source files, you can turn this into any animal website that you want. It has got a clean tableless interface compatible for the wide screen displays with the 1000px width. Showcase your services about fish or pets in accordance with the Web 2.0 standards.
The site uses some excellent XHTML standards to make it look interactive and attractive at the same time without compromising on the navigation.

You can find more animal and pet templates collection here.


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