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5 Food and Restaurant Templates that’ll Attract Food Lovers


As a food lover, the first thing that comes into my mind when thinking about designing some food or a restaurant’s website is simply food. What I’m trying to say here is that a food and restaurant website needs to display vibrant images and graphics with respect to the theme. Selecting a food website template or a restaurant website template is not easy as the development of such a website needs to incorporate both function and information to the maximum extent. Here is what I have found best for such websites:

Orange Studio:


Are you dealing with a food or fruit business and looking for a website template that showcases your services, products and other details that every business must have? Orange Studio is my recommendation due to the great functionality it provides to any food or fruit retailer. The theme has exotic orange color and suits best to an orange dealer but the available PSD sets make it possible for you to make necessary changes and turn it into any other food related theme.

Your Café:


If I was running a Café, I would have gone for the Your Café template. The theme is perfectly tuned for any café on the planet with an attractive coffee theme. The website template will seem perfect for any coffee or beverage shop as well. Your Café has everything that a café needs ranging from a gallery to showcase your interiors and exteriors to testimonials that you might wish to place on your website to attract more customers.
The PSD source is another blessing that you can use to customize the website template and make it seem more crafted as per your requirements.



There are large scale businesses as well in the food and restaurant industry and Infinity is a theme tailored for the same. The neutral color tone used in the 1000px wide website template gives a clean interface that is easy to use and navigate. Showcase as many services as you possibly can on your website about food, fruits, health and the entire relevant domain. The website template meets all Web 2.0 standard incorporating excellent XHTML standards as well making your site do good on search engines as well.
The simplistic table-less template can be altered according to your needs as you get to have the PSD editable source file.

Fantastic Bar Cocktail:

I personally loved this website template due to its color tones and attractive layout, and it really forced me to navigate through all the different sections. Fantastic Bar Cocktail is the perfect website template for a bar or any business dealing with cocktail, drinks or even food. The site is perfectly crafted for a business of this nature that includes restaurants as well. You can use the PSD source in case you want some customization but the template itself is good as perfect for any business dealing with drinks or even restaurants.

Winery Company:

Classical tone has not left the market: not even the website development market and Winery Company is the perfect example. It gives an excellent classical feeling on the whole because of the color tones used. The template suits best for any of the fruit or grapes business though it is made for wine related businesses. If you are running a winery, you need not to change anything in the template else you can always use the PSD source to alter the template according to your desired fruit of food.

You can find more food & restaurant template collection here.


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