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Banner Ads: Excellent Examples for Inspirations

Many web sites portray banners as a major aspect of their advertising techniques. As such, in web designing it is imperative that banners be professionally inscribed on the web page. This article attempts to offer insights into some of the best designed banners, which could be applied to web pages. They included CSS Remix; Design Bombs; Noupe; TheFWA; Webdesigner Depot; best web gallery and Brush King.

CSS Remix

These ads are very colorful offering a fascinating back ground blend. The banner appears as variegation apparently to attract visitors not merely to one display but the distinctiveness to which each part is portrayed. The design seems to capture a number of small banners with a tapestry orientation.

Design Bombs

These ads purposeful coincide with other elements on the site. They are displayed is a125px side bar. The banners contain an up lighting black background. This may not attract persons who have the propensity towards colors like red, light blue or yellow. Therefore, as an advertising banner it may lose the more flamboyant visitor’s franchise.


Noupe has adapted the smashing magazine format for their banner design. The inventor created a web page to display the banner along with relevant content depicting four unique poses. Again even though appearing separate and carrying distinct messages they seem to be coming together as one sharing the same background color and texture. The oneness could be interpreted as a diverse but theme.


This is a dark less colorful banner. Ads are displayed on the top right hand corner enclosing three banners as one design. This seems to be the trend in most designs, but the FWA pattern clearly depicts this intention. The entire site displays three remarkable colors black, white and a light blue. However, the message to be communication by the banner design is well exemplified.

Brush King

Brush King is another fabulous banner infiltrated web design. It does not simply consist of an enormous color blend, but also emphasize the message with clarity. At first glance it would appear that the entire website is the banner, but when keenness it is observed that the outline at the top of the page is where the banner portrait begins and ends.

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