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Give Your Old Web Design a makeover – part 2

Do not lose your consistency

To redesign a website and refresh a website, are two entirely different concepts. Many designers cannot tell you the difference between these two things, and the outcome of the site will be completely different from the original site. Let me tell you about these two!
To create a website again, to make a new logo, new page, new design, new elements, new graphics and a new style is rebuilding of your site. That man you sit again and completely draw your site again from the beginning. This will take a while. To refresh a site mean just worry about those things which are hindering in the performance of your site. Are the gaps on your site, or installment of new gadgets or interactive tools. This will save your time and will make you to better understand your site. And you will step toward advancement of your site.

Plot for your Target Audience

The “target audience” you are hitting is not same for every site. Each site is built for a specific purpose and with a certain goal in mind. So it is very important that you should define your target audience earlier.
There is no difficulty in it at all. All you have to do is to consider your current article and where you’re going to appear in the market. If you are running a blog about video game news, you should look in the similar market as IGN and Joystiq. Figure out what type of audience you want young, teenage, old, tech-savvy, TV enthusiasts. Once you have planned, whom to target, it will be much easier for you to reel more in.

Find stress points of your site

Stress points, simply can be termed as flaws in the site. These can be areas where a visitor may lose, confuse or give up and can entirely leave the page. This is not any rule that there will be stress points, only few of the design may contain these stress points, but it will be better if you search for them.

From the user’s viewpoint, these stress points could be anything, like small size of navigation or difficult to read menus. Paragraphs are too close to each other or images are spaced too much. I encourage holding a poll of your readers. So they can comment on any problem or anything good. Their opinions are really important for the best design of your site.
Whatever you want to change in your site or to add new, do not bother about re-inventing a new wheel. Whatever you are thinking, may be thought countless time before you. So do not waste your time in re-creating them, Google around the internet and the chances are nine out of ten that you will find what you are in need of, whether it is a design, or code snippits.
These are few tips to refresh your site. It will be a fun processing to sit back after two or three month and start refreshing your design or site. It will keep your visitors on their toes.

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