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Glitches When Creating a Web Page


Web developers are quite in demand at present and that’s all because everyone needs a strong personal platform that can display what they do. Web development requires you to work for countless hours in an attempt to create just the right page; they work around with the layout, the compatibility issues that browsers today have, continuity of the product and company representation. Finally, they come up with the web copy. This takes tremendous effort; and if the developer has done an excellent job then it is very likely that the viewer ship will take a hike, or it could simply be all a waste of time. The latter normally happens when you create some glitches that pull you away from success.

Glitch 01 – All About You

The last thing you want to do is mention all about yourself on your page. That’s possibly the last thing the prospects want to know. You might be doing this because you wouldn’t want to hire a professional guy due to expenses, or you might want to bring out the star within your spouse, just because she writes well. However, be aware, she doesn’t really know how to go about writing it (unless she is a web developer). Such descriptions about your company can be a major turn off for many people. They are more interested rather ONLY interested in what your company can do for them. Try convincing them why they should opt for your company; tell them how they can benefit from your services. You might want to aware them on cheap quality goods available elsewhere and promise a good quality at a reasonable budget.

Glitch 02 – All About Features

Not that features are a turn off at all points; in fact, they have known to be quite a success when you’re making a web copy for electronic or like items. However, you should grasp this one rule; always make your decisions emotionally and then reason out with them logically. That’s the only way you’ll end up getting the right product. This glitch might often occur if the copywriters are least bothered about how a certain feature might enhance a prospect’s life.

Glitch 03 – An Off Track Web Page

Sadly, the copywriters in this case have absolutely no clue (or possibly least interested) about what the business works in. They’d, in fact, mention everything not related to the industry and make it sound all too vague and boring and possibly put away your customers. It’s almost always stuffed with unnecessary words and forces the viewer to push the back button on the browser. Try keeping it short and to the point. Ask your copywriter to frame everything perfectly without creating too much. There’s a lot that can be communicated without the use of words, as well. I’m not sure if you know this but not many readers are into reading every word on a page. They jump all around to grasp every bit of information that attracts them.

Glitch 04 – A Clueless Web Copy

Businesses that have absolutely no clue on their edge indulge in the creation of such a page. This is basically a generalization of the industry and fails to make you stand out from the clutter. Try to take a tour of your company and find out how you are different; mention those prominently and precisely. Readers don’t have time to look for your unique points.

Glitch 05 – Web Copy of No Substance

This is again typical of companies to do so; they simply put up everything that they think may relate to their business. They really have nothing much to go about but have a lot to say. A distinction of this page from others would be extensive usage of bold, caps and of course, the exclamation marks. The font size often changes too. Avoid doing that; indulge in selling your services in a better way. You could promise the same things by toning down and, most importantly, by sticking to them. Until you aren’t genuine there is very thin chance you are likely to attract an audience to your business.

Glitch 06 – Web Copy Full of Errors

This is mostly a result of careless copywriters. Probably, you picked them up because they worked for you at cheap rates or possibly somebody forced you into employing them. As the title says, this web page has a lot of spelling mistakes (and even grammatical at many points). This may want your customers ponder onto why they should take you seriously when you don’t bother to do the same. Have someone re-write the content in a better language for you, but if you think that’s over your budget, hire a proofreader to correct the content.

Glitch 07 – The Web Copy That Makes You Yawn

This is a creation when you seem to have lost the drive and the passion that made you bring up your company or service. The content is mostly dry; in fact, it lacks the appeal. This may drive your customers away. They are not looking for online manuals. They’re more interested in how they can avail your services, and if you go on like a broken record, there is no way they’d want to invest their time in you. Remember your company or brand is your page; if your page lacks the thrill and excitement, there is no way anybody will ever consider your company for anything! Suing a persuasive writer can make the difference.

Glitch 08 – The Oh-Too-Professional Copy

You find the web page overflowing with extremely formal words or creating an impression that a very “mature” writer has written it then it is definitely categorized as the title. Nobody like s a snooty service provider so tone down! No matter how luxurious your products may be it’s always safe to have a friendly approach – that’s the key to attracting masses.

Glitch 09 – Full of Acronyms and Jargon Web Copy

Just because you know your business like the back of your hand doesn’t mean everyone should know; quit adding acronyms and jargon on your page. Such a copy is only meant for the business officials themselves; it is least likely to attract the masses you’re expecting. You really can’t expect people to understand what you’re saying without trying to make them a part of your company. Get a professional today and ease your language; ask them to bring up the perfect simple terms, there can be for your jargon, so that your audience gets to know what you do, really.

Glitch 10 – It’s All The Same Web Copy

If you’ve been going about something that is just too obvious or too heard of then it’s best that you change your web copy. This is an outcome of writers who are least interested in exploring the business aspects rather come up with a regular copy. These clichés just turn everyone away; they may be the least effective if your target is an audience broader than your country. Get rid of them, instantly!

Glitch 11 – A Very Inconsistent Web Page

This is ideal for a web page that has many copywriters. This is true for many old pages; page owners didn’t know how to go about selecting a copywriter hence they ended up purchasing skills of several writers and made up a mess of the entire page. Often the views of these writers differ too; hence your page ends up conflicting with itself thereby eliminating the trust factor, completely. Just keep one copywriter so that your company tone is consistent and has absolutely no problems as mentioned.

Glitch 12 – A Non-Optimized Web Page

This is a result of a non SEO writer or probably the business insists on having the research made on the Internet rather than disclosing the information on its own. Make sure your writer is familiar with SEO so that your page is easily picked on search engines, and you can have your desired rate of investment.

Glitch 13 – Full of Keywords Web Page

These writers or business owners are more concentrated on the keywords rather than delivering the information about their service. We understand SEO is important, but you do not need to fill up keywords to the extent of having it stuffed. You will for sure have a negative feedback on your site.

Web pages are very powerful and can reach an audience all over the world so make sure that you avoid all those glitches and end up capturing your target in no time.


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