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HTML/CSS Sites That Look Like Flash

Pseudo Flash sites are abundant on the internet. These are sites which, while looking and feeling like Flash sites, are actually built using traditional CSS or HTML. In order to fully make the sites feel like Flash sites, they often have some JavaScript used as well. When sits are made in this way, there are some nice surprising. While you will get the look and feel of a modern Flash site, when you right click, you will know that you are looking at a regular website.

Flash websites are very popular these days, and they can make very new looking sites. However, for many designers, Flash has lost some of its appeal. This is why many people are starting to focus on sites made using core methods, such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

More people know how to use the above mentioned technologies, and this is one reason for people making pseudo Flash sites. The other reason is that new CMS and SEO tools, such as WordPress, support a larger range of devices. There are many reasons for designers to move away from using Flash. HTML sites used to be very static. However, with the use of AJAX, there have been many changes in the way that people use traditional websites. It is now possible to use transitions, animations and other interactive features, without the need to use Flash. Following are some great pseudo Flash websites which have created the feel of Flash, without actually using it in the creation process.

Emilie Crssrd

There are a lot of things on this site which have the look and feel of Flash. One of these things is the indicator for loading. It is a simply function which stops things from showing up before they have been properly loaded. This allows users to experience the content as it was intended. The interface of this website is very smooth, with the loader and the page transitions.

Stefan Kanchev

When you move your mouse over icons on this page, they subtly fade in and out. This helps people to focus on one things at any time, and makes an other wise simply looking page seem more exciting.

Brand Republic

This is a great site which leads users to fully interact with various aspects. There is a 3D effect created as the mouse is moved around the page, utilizing the borders. This gives a pleasing effect, without using Flash to complicate things.


Single page sites are becoming more popular, and this is a good example of how effective they can be. The site feels a lot like it was made using flash. There are nice transitions, but everything was make using traditional web language. The site might look great if you are viewing it on a computer. However, if you try to load it on a mobile device, things do not load properly.


This is a very simple site, with a regular looking rotators for content. The way that the site scales makes the whole thing look like it was made using Flash. Whichever browser you are using, and however you have your settings, the page will adapt so that it loads correctly.



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