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In order to fully realize the purpose of your existence, you need to accept your mistakes. When you make mistakes, you learn in the process. Most designers in the market today have a Masters degree which is not always related to the field of web design. When it comes to UX design, all education systems are trying to cope with it, when it comes to Art and Design. All hope is not lost as there are people like Liz Danzico, Nicklas Persson and Christopher Murphy who have immensely transformed the curriculum which will act as a model for majority of the design colleges.
What happens when you don’t reside in the United States especially in Belfast or New York to be specific? Does it mean that you will not get the chance to learn from the best contemporary web designers?

For starters, you will need to find a mentor. A mentor can guide through the process of becoming a good designer. You could also look for an established and experienced design organization when you are applying for an opening. Do everything in your power, even if it means being an intern. Once you have found yourself a mentor, you should go beyond the ordinary by exposing yourself to the various aspects of UX Design elements. This is when your true aptitude and intellect comes to light as you cultivate and facilitate your career of being a UX designer.
In addition to these, you should always read. Reading broadens your thinking horizon. It gives you a better understanding of the world and the things in it. Through reading, you get to relate the experiences to your designing career. Philosophy, art, science and psychology will all help you in your design work. They will give you a strong foundation on the understanding of the design language as the approach is practical and the methodologies have been tested and proved.

Web design is still a virgin field which has not yet been fully exploited. This is what makes the learning challenging and dynamic. There has been a paradigm shift on how knowledge is passed in the design field. Classroom knowledge is simply not enough and you will need to be unique and highly creative in order to circumnavigate your way though the competitive industry. Majority of web designers are self taught which goes to disapprove the common notion that you need formal education in order to become a successful designer. The importance of a formal education cannot be downplayed; however, it is not everything.
In order to be a successful web designer, you always need to be thirsty for knowledge. As learning is a life-long process and should not end after the completion of your formal education. The only thing that is constant is change. So, being dynamic and versatile is required during these turbulent times.

Flexibility is essential when it comes to adapting the changes. Once you cope up with the changes, problem solving becomes an easy task. Good communication skills is among the requirements in order to be a successful web designer. This is why many design companies put a lot of emphasis on people’s skills more than anything during the interviewing process. Technologies and techniques may be essential but what counts at the end of the day is what you know. There are sophisticated tools which are suppose to aid in the designing process but none can be compared to personal experience.

Web designing is a practical career and testing what you have learnt is the most important aspect of the trade. To upcoming web designers, active involvement and practice is the key ingredients. You should always browse the web to learn the current happenings in the web design field. You could do this by reading blogs of successful web designers and also interacting with the online web design community. Majority of the online communities are friendly and always willing to help whenever necessary. If you follow the stipulated steps, you are likely to become a very successful web designer.



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