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Let’s have a look at some outsanding Jewelry website templates

A jewelry website needs to be elegant and tempting. As we know only a unique and appealing appearance will force your visitor to come back over and over again. For me jewelry websites should be classy, well thought out, with great graphics and very easy to use navigation. Keeping that in mind I’ve selected 5 templates and these are exactly what’s you looking for if you want to set up an amazing jewelry shop. So let’s have a close look at them.

The first template I looked at is the Wedding Store. You can feel the relaxed atmosphere of love in this site. The use of a number of different photographs which all have duel wedding rings in them. The navigation section is on the top area of the white center of the black background.  Here you will find reference to the ceremony as well as the gallery where you will obviously place your store. This is a romantic website with all the feel of the love and marriage around the central theme with the bride’s photo in the corner. Well thought out and presented combined with ease of use.

The second of the five website templates is called Butterfly Jewelry with the most gorgeous segmented butterfly graphic superimposed with photographs of jewelry. Here you have a business website showing you all the facets of the jewelry business from rings to diamonds. The glamour attached to this kind of business is surrounded by the gold and ornaments that come with owning a business evolved in selling jewelry.  The navigation on this site is a little different from the norm as it has been placed underneath the graphics inviting you to explore after feasting your eyes on the ornaments on display.

The third website template in my list is also called Wedding Store but in this one you have the generous use of graded color accentuating the whole gamut of the wedding from the rings to the marriage wedding ceremony. Several photographs of the happy couple are included which give an overall feeling of love to the website template. The use of the color red is obviously a contributing factor.

Number four of the group is called Jewelry Exclusive. This is an online business website design aimed at promoting a Jewelry shop selling items like diamonds, gold and rings in addition to other ornaments of the jewelry line.
Weddings and jewelry are big business and having an online store presence is good for any jewelry shop.

The last of the group of templates is what I would call a discount jewelry store. Done with a muted red background and showing various glamor shots with different types of jewelry from rings through to gold and diamonds, this jewelry shop is all business. Here you are able to entice customers to buy by using the discount sticker at the top. Easy navigation leads you into the heart of the business where you will find the stock available. Beauty and glamor are at the heart of your sales here and they are portrayed by the photographs of the various items of jewelry you have to display.

Setting up an online store is a major way of making an income on line and taking advantage of ready made templates makes this a very simple business to become involved in. With website templates and a drop shipper you are in business in a very short time.

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