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Making Sites For Children

There is a lot of work out there for people who are willing to design media which is aimed at children. Schools and businesses, as well as parents, give designers a lot of different opportunities to find work creating projects which are appealing to kids. These projects will range from things like making computer games, to creating web pages for parties.

Websites for kids used to be very busy, and packed with as many things as possible. After all, kids like to be kept busy, right? Using a lot of different colors, images, and videos was once thought of as the ideal way to get children attention. Luckily, things have started to change recently. These days people who are designing for kids try to think of things from a child’s point of view.

When you are designing for kids, try to remember that many young people like many of the same design aspects that adults enjoy. This will include things like concise features, and quality content. However, children also like a lot of things that they can interact with, and a higher sense of novelty. This website will take you through some guidelines that will help you when you are designing websites for children and young teens.


You should always be sure that you show a younger audience the same amount of respect that you would show to adults. It is surprising at what age people start to become smart consumers. If you are biased when you create media for children, they will be able to tell. Children are not stupid, and if you treat them as though they are, they will likely find objection in your designs. Be sure that you never talk down to children, because they will be able to tell if you do.

If you want to make sure that you are not talking down to your younger audience, you should get some opinions from kids while you are planning. You might think that you remember what it was like to be a kid. However, times change, and kids change with the times. It is different to be a child now, when compared to what things were like when you were young.

Use plain English

As with any website design, you should make sure that all text on your site is straight forward and easy to read. You should make sure that everything on your site is simply and easy to understand. This includes navigation, layout, typography and language. If you use language which is too elaborate and densely written, you will risk making your site into nothing more than a picture gallery. If your text is too hard to read, children are likely to just ignore it, and focus on the visual aspects of your site.

Gaining trust

People of all ages want to find companies that they can trust. If you are sure to maintain your website, added regular updates, and include reliable information, people are more likely to keep coming back to your site. However, if you are not careful to win the trust of users, they probably will not bother remembering your brand.



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