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Usability Testing for Best Results


Product testing is the first step to be taken before launching any new product into the market. Same thing applies to websites. You have to thoroughly check your site functions and usability. As a website developer, you should not sit back and expect complaints from your client, since many of them are too busy. And instead of wasting their time complaining, they would rather look for better options.  So make sure you give proper attention to testing before your website goes live.

Usability Testing

Usability testing refers to the act of testing products for their quality before finally launching them. The technique also applies to web designing and developing, as most companies go to the extent of hiring professionals whose main task is to perform usability test on the website. This kind of testing is carried out to ensure the usability, and creating error free websites for users. Main features you need to focus on before launching the site are navigation, browser compatibility and content.

Factors to consider while performing usability testing:

While testing your website, you should keep in mind the following objectives.

1. Performance
To maintain your customers, you should ensure that the most important functions of your website are working properly. The general performance of the website should be considered, which will enable you analyze the time taken to complete a simple procedure such as registration and creating an account, and for E-commerce website you need to give proper attention to the products and order forms. These things should be thoroughly checked.
2. Website remembrance
A website should be very easy to use. The basic elements should be easily accessible. While testing your new website layout, you should ensure that someone visiting your website after some time still remembers its basic features and elements.
3. Mistakes:
Well, usability testing is great as you get to know the flaws and mistakes. Once you know them, you can easily get rid of them before your site goes live. So this will save you from the embarrassment.
4. User’s feedback:
The obvious usability testing is to ensure the satisfaction among users. So as a website owner you should be interested in interacting with users to fully understand their level of satisfaction.

The scope of usability testing

There has been a lot of confusion regarding usability testing. Well, to understand it better lets discuss the main stages of usability testing:
1.    Pre-website launching:
This is the initial stage whereby the main task is to collect suggestions from various people.
2.    Website’s development:
During this period, users tend to play a very crucial role as they test your website and give suggestions to improve it. They can assist you to identify what should be included or excluded from the site.
3.    After-website launch:
This is normally the best moment of handing out the product to the users. On the other hand it happens to be the most effective stage of usability testing.

Reasons why visitors may leave your website

1.    Bewildered:
This is a situation whereby the user leaves your website due to confusions. A visitor is either unable to understand your site or it does not offer what he or she is searching for.
2.    Slow website:
Pages that take a lot of time to load normally discourage users. This will probably make the users to leave your website since they have got better options.
3.    False promises:
Giving out false links to your website for the sake of attracting customer’s attention. This is the worst thing ever as visitors won’t hesitate to leave your website if they fail to get promised content.

How you can maintain your visitors

You should retain your visitors by making sure that you provide daily updates on your website. Provide quality and useful content, offer free services and gifts for the visitors. And make sure your website design and functions are user friendly.


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