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SEO Outside Of Your Website

If you want to get traffic to your site, SEO is crucial. However, while there are many tricks that you can implement, the best way to get traffic is to have a well made, informative, website. If you have content that people are genuinely interested in, and a site which is highly functional, you will probably get visitors. However, you can also do things like using appropriate page titles, and create back links to your site. There are many tricks that you can use to get search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to index your site and rank it well.

Recently, Google has started using a new algorithm to rank websites. It is intended to prevent people from using content farms to generate traffic, and stop the use of black hat SEO tactics. This might mean that better websites have more chance of being ranked, but it also means that you have to dig deeper when you are deciding on which SEO tactics to use.

Google is becoming smarter, and so are many other search engines. If you are going to succeed in generating traffic, you will have to look beyond your own web site, and think about the rest of the internet.

Google now looks at things like social signals when they are indexing and ranking a website.


If you have content which reaches well in the social world, it is considered to be viral. If people using social networks consistently like your content, you are more likely to rank well. Developing a strong network of followers is a very important part of getting traffic to visit your site these days. Long gone are the days of simply stuffing keywords into pages and hoping that they are picked up by search engine spiders.

Having a strong presence on social networks is important if you want your website to be noticed. Becoming viral is very hard if you have just created your site. However, if you advertise properly on social networks, and develop a large fan base on them, you are more likely to have visitors to your site. If people using applications like Facebook and Twitter like your website, they are likely to share it with people. This will help you to get more visitors, and create an awareness of your site.

Twitter SEO

Google now takes a look at things like Facebook and Twitter, when they are indexing sites. They look at data about which links are mentioned on, and then use that information to rank pages. If a certain Twitter account gets a lot of mentions by people, Google will tend to take more notice of it. If you can create a good Twitter or Facebook page which relates to your website, you are more likely to be able to go viral and get a lot of traffic. It is important to use social networks these days, because they are a great way to advertise, for free, and get people to notice you.



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