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Guidelines to Hack Google Analytics

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Websites need software and tools to analyze the web traffic.  Google analytics is one such free software that can be used by website owners to get a basic overview. Analytic software helps each site get an idea of the traffic and its sources but is not very specific. However, if you can smartly use this tool, it can certainly help you achieve great results.

Finding Out the Source of Visitors

Often finding the number of visitors on your site is not all you need. This tool helps the owner  to know which page led the viewer reach your site specifying the route but not the cause I.e. Was it a first time viewer or not or was it, just a viewer or a buyer stays unknown.

This referral pathway certainly helps in collecting data or knowing which advertisement or link is getting you enough customers, but still the information stays incomplete for any business analysis. And hacking this analytic tool does not help you much as they do not give answers which most business research teams need.

However, there are some quick ways to ensure better action despite the inadequacy of the software. These include using java script hack effectively to ensure you get all the updates. Since the Google analytics tool note-down the referral site each time a new customer visits your portal, using the java script hack you can copy the information from the cookie that is solely managed by your website. Now, when a visitor views your website back, the analytic tool will rewrite its own cookie while your JavaScript will update the same and add the new referral page to the one which exists. And when this viewer is finally a customer, the cookie details can be uploaded in your record effectively.

Once you have accomplished the above task; it’s easier to answer questions of the best referral pages (which get the higher sales?), the ones which get the viewers to click at the very first time and finally those which ensure the viewer to turns into a potential customer for your business online. This also benefits the firm and directly tells which page or advertisement convinced the viewers to buy the stuff from you.

Expenditure of Customers

Those who have been using Google analytics have not been satisfied with the daily figures it has been showing. This is mainly because Google does not take care of accounts or checks those who fill every step of payment.  There are many issues that stop the procurement in between and therefore Google analytics tool’s figures are not exact.

However, if you still wish to use the same software, you can carefully work up to the level of your requirement. For this, you need to create a separate page in the administration area of your website and get all the details from your own recorded figures which include sales, orders and average amount per order. And if you have Java script hack you can use the same in getting information from referral orders, etc.

To make a skilled work space on your website you can also add Google Analytics API queries, which include time spent by each customer or user, page visited, categories or products more in demand, etc. This will help you get the required information with ease and help your business get essential growth indications.

Importance of Customizing Web Portal

Personalizing websites are an important way of attracting more viewers and converting them into potential customers. Evident from the Fast Company Article, Yahoo got over 270% increases in clicks and high number of viewers on their home page as compared to 2009  and all this was due to its new personalization theme, which was a new way to approach the users.

Customization according to the customer will save his time and eventually help you get faster and better results in sales and popularity.  For your online business, you can create private messages for your customers, and call-to-act ways may help them efficiently.  If you know the referral path you easily woo your customer by presenting him the product which he demands. This can be learned by analytic tools, and by JavaScript hack you can check which advertisement led the customer to your site.

You can also keep a tab of the products the viewer liked or the page, he visited to ensure you take care of his choices. This can be done by shifting the home page according to the last actions on the website. This option can also be changed as “go to your favorites” or opt-out if they want to search something new. For this, you might need to add some more add-ons to your website, but definitely they will be helpful in the long run.

Another way of personalizing is to help your clients get your newsletter or RSS Feed on their mail so that they can get invites,  know about discounts and other happenings on your site. Most customers search Google with a keyword but sometimes the result is not that specific. But, if you add the JavaScript hack to this one too; you can allow so many other buyers to come straight onto your portal. Effective and fruitful; you may just call it smart business!


Although analytical tools may give you a basic idea; specific information is not something you can expect from these generic tools. With some turnarounds, trick and ideas while you use these, you can get every required detail for the purpose of business and growth.

Data and resources are not only available in large companies, but these can also be established by using simple tools and hacks to help you promote the online ventures and walk on the way of growth and prosperity. This will definitely bring you better results and assist in making long term clients.


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