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The latest Changes in the Google Seo Guide – Insight

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The revision in the Google guide is now an open discussion online. With their latest changes, everyone is checking the web traffic with the famous Goggle Tool – Goggle Analytics. With significant drop in traffic noted in the month of March, and many a sites were genuinely affected due to the changes.

Since the time Google panda has released, majority of websites are noting the frequent changes in the number of visitors. Google Panda 3.3 came up with search quality highlights and over 40 modifications, in February while Google Panda 3.4 was posted with 50 adjustments for the month of March. Let us give these changes a look and check how they will fare with the online business. Here is a guide to view your traffic better and a way to ensure better protection and more visibility on search page engines.

The Hurt and Unharmed Websites

With an evident decrease in web traffic, the new websites were the least affected by these Google changes. While those who had been raking high due to the inclusion of better and quality keywords felt the real pinch. Stable high-ranking SEO business sites saw a big decline while those which are novel and have not done anything much to promote the SEO, are safe and working well.

After comparing many top web design sites on Alexa, there were serious lows in the month (w.e.f March 15- April 15). A 12% decline in Designm.ag, UxBooth with 5% and other portals as copyblogger and Quicksprout with a 15% and 16% decline respectively have been seen with some raised eyebrows. Alexa’s miscalculation of ratings may also mean that other websites must have been recorded worst traffic percentages in recent times.

Since all these blogs include high quality content, major keywords and perfect designs, a fall in viewer traffic is not what was expected. However, online businesses now need to revise, relearn and modify their own habits and strategies to better their name and number on search engines. The most talked about topics in the changes that Google brought were over optimization, a lot of advertisements, replica of page content and big link networks taken down.

Faults and Its Fixes

This is a list of mistakes that should be strictly avoided to suit the changes. Google with its open eyes and raised brows is now searching everything spammy and unnatural under the web so its caution, and the solutions that you should focus on.

Strict Matching anchor Text

Anchor text was linked with different websites and blogs earlier. Those who have used link building as an effective medicine for a higher Google rank opted to target the exact anchor text in advertisements, comments, and yahoo answers and while writing guest’s posts, which worked well in the past. However, these are no show offs and tagged unnatural by Google as these can be spotted easily.

Now, if you wish to solve this issue, research the keyword and try some of the effective mixtures of the keyword so that it is effectively seen. Furthermore, you can include the related article to your post and then build links to other websites or blogs containing information, which are somewhere related but not very precise.

Advertisements on Folds

With Google penalizing on too many advertisements, it’s somewhere contraindicated to the practice of online marketing. And if you have blogs that are getting revenue because of the advertisements you may have to slowly start removing them for better. This is indeed a great way to ensure quality reading without much distraction; you can easily fix the advertisement issue by planning out the web page. Though, removing the ads is the first best solution, the next is to move them at the bottom or below the side bar of the webpage.

Being reactive and open to adjustments as the owner of  a site is essential.  Online advertisements will take less space on the website and with proper designing and better content you can attain more revenue and publicity with ease.

Duplicate Page Content

Gone are the days when copying content and posting them was a great idea to get more visitors. Duplicate content can be checked easily by software namely Virante (it detects replicated content and effects of penalty) and Google Webmaster (for improving the site). And if you want to find out about the 5 common mistakes in SEO, you can YouTube the same and get the exact word from Google.

Ways to Perk Up Your Search Engine Rankings?

To increase the rankings and adjust your portal with the latest changes by Google, you must know what the real things that should be stressed are. These changes by Google are only making way for actual building of customers, quality and high brand value and ensure better lasting business online.

The first way to step up the ladder is to stop chasing the rules and creating informative content for your target viewers. This will not only solve the purpose of brand awareness and popularity but will give you instantaneous high ranking with more traffic.  You must track all the Google tools to ensure that you are updated about your viewer’s demands and their interests. For these you can use Google analytics, Webmaster tools to use best techniques to get more clients.

Other ways include quick changes and hard-line action to make your site visible on smaller devices as tablets and android cell phones. From browser support to implementing HTML5 and CSSS 3 to make the code neat and crisp and designing a site that support all resolution; you must make all efforts to walk hand in hand with technology.

Link building and social networking are the things you cannot do without.  Facebook and Google+ are better kept at Google search and these signals to effective marketing strategy as well. Continuing to renew old data is one of the easiest ways to stay fresh and up in the list. While maintaining the SEO basics and putting a good design you can easily work on link building to form a compact base for better rank in the search engine.

To add to the above suggestions, you can also use some tools to better SEO ranks. These include WordPress SEO, SEO smart links, SEO friendly images, CommentLuv Premium, Google webmaster tools and SEOMoz Pro.

And to keep a tab on further changes made by Google and other breakthrough you can check Google Webmaster Central, SEOMoz Blog, SearchEngineLand, and MySEOCommunity for more.


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