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Are you ready to enter the world of organic web design?

Are you ready to enter the world of organic web design?

In the beginning of this century, many web designs were focused on a more technological theme.  They had their roots anchored in science fiction than the world, and generally had effects on them to that effect.  Now this era is being replaced with websites that have an “organic” feel to them.  Or in other words use more earthy materials to promote feelings of nature, and the real world.

For a website to be classed as organic, it must try and recreate a similar image from the real world.  It not just materials such as wood, or fabrics such as muslin, but it can be images that recreate the flow of nature.

The idea and the origins are behind this new wave of web design, are not entirely clear, and like many new waves are formed by several concepts.  Green issues, farming methods, and interior design trends, all play a significant part in the real world in many arenas, and obviously this is now influencing many web designers.  As one yourself, it would be wise to keep up with the trends to stay ahead of the curve.

So this begs the question, what else is there to organic web design.  It can’t just be forests, rivers and tables, can it?

Indeed it isn’t.  If you look at websites with an organic feel about them, you can see that even the choice of brush stroke is used to simulate a piece of the world, like grains of sand for example.  Sometimes, the design may have been influenced by an element from nature, like a river or a mountain.  Very often this is applied very subtly, and this is very effective way to bring an earthy feel to a website.

Colors play an important part in the design, and spins a few design concepts on their heads.  Earthy colors can often be vibrant, and use to highlight areas of the design, where as brighter colors can be used to give a natural sheen to an image.  Also, mixing the colors can give some imaginative effects, such as burnt orange, or purple spliced with grey.  As with all web design, it is about the effect you are striving for.

It can also be about taking a modern environment and softening it a little.  Making the colors more earthy, or rounding the corners to make curves.  There is plenty of splicing of web 2.0 in organic web design.  The term organic is a little loose.  So something man made that has deteriorated through time and neglect can also fall under the umbrella of organic web design.  This brings with it more options and more scope for your creativity.

Blending the imagery is another trick used in organic web design, as organic materials such as wood, fabric and paper, are spliced with steel and plastics.  It is the feel of naturalness that is the goal, and the desired overall effect, no matter what materials are used in the construction of the design.  This can also include urban scenes too, organic does not necessarily mean forests and rivers.

Like all web design it is easy to over do it.  What you want is a balance whereby you only add what you need to, to realize the goal of the web design.  Anything extra is a waste, and superfluous.  Nature and ecosystems are about balance, and you should try and emulate this balance with your web designs.

As a web designer, it is important for you to keep up with trends and current thinking on web design projects.  As organic web design is a concept like web 2.0, it is one you should make get acquainted to, if you have not already.

19 Responses to “Are you ready to enter the world of organic web design?”
  1. starbucksfever

    Being an environmentalist, I agree with the article. Using organic web design is an appreciation of the world we are living in.

  2. Grant

    I’d like to say one thing. Organic design is not just easy for our eye sight, it is nature’s beauty. This is the only way we can show the world how much we appreciate mother earth. So, don’t be shy to use this design!

  3. Tollinci

    Organic designs are really cool. They are too beautiful to use and like with what some posts say here, very relaxing and cool. If I am to start with my own site, I will definitely choose to have this designs.

  4. Web Design

    I agree with your article. You need to have a nice balance elements that blend nicely together. Also when creating a site you need to look at elements that is better for the user and what is best for the site.

  5. Murdock

    When I hear “organic web design”, I immediately think of spas. It’s very calming.

  6. fossilme

    Well, for me, I still prefer the innovative and revolutionary, technology-laded and heavy styled futuristic designs. Organic designs are really eye-relaxing however, they look really simple. Indeed, they are.

  7. Hungryman

    I like organic design as well. It is very natural and feasible. It is eye relaxing as well.

  8. mercurydrug

    Well, I agree and I admit that I myself was a futuristic addict when it comes to designing. Some 5-10 years ago, that was the hit – it was really revolutionary and a lot of designers joined the bandwagon. Right now, I believe that doing some organic designs play with the call of the time, which is our world’s call to being more environment friendly.

  9. Madonna

    I agree with you @mercurydrug. It seems like the trend nowadays is more on the organic landscape rather than the futuristic, sci-fi themes. I guess that’s because of the ongoing environmental campaign that’s going on around the world.

  10. mercurydrug

    @Madonna: Thanks!

    @Hungryman: Nice adjective to describe organic design – “eye relaxing”! Well, indeed, organic design is eye relaxing. It’s green!

  11. Web Design

    Great post mate! I believe the trends these days are both organic websites and monotone websites, pictured more in black and white for a more business-related look.

  12. Wilmer Paras

    I am a nature lover and in fact, the site I own boasts of an organic design. It just makes me feel good everytime I’m on it. Thank you for this post.

  13. godsmustbecrazy

    I don’t think organic designs should be compared to futuristic designs. They are two different genres of design that manifest a different level of sophistication. If a website has an organic concept, it doesn’t mean that it can’t employ a futuristic idea, and vice-versa.

  14. Yla

    I agree with you godmustbecrazy. You really can’t compare it with futuristic design. It doesn’t mean that the design is organic means it is not included as a modern design. Organic is just fine. It can be applied in any genre.

  15. Melissa

    I like your thought mercurydrug. It’s a good description of organic design for someone like a newbie like me. I hope that there will be more articles regarding with this matter. It is informative and helpful. At least, I am given a lots of ideas about organic design.

  16. Hungryman

    Thanks for the compliment mercurydrug. You know, it’s really eye relaxing. I hope we can all use it to make our websites really that reader friendly. I like it better than those who have heavy designs.

  17. Annan

    @Madonna: You are right. Everyone now seems to be more concern with Mother Earth that they are even including it in their designs. And that is certainly an appropriate thing to do.

  18. Oliveria

    @Hungryman: Correct, it’s eye relaxing! Love green, green, green!

  19. abyviduya

    For me, organic designs are easy to the eyes. The sophistication of organic designs appear to be really simple and straightforward as compared to the more technically twisted futuristic designs.

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