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Is freelancing meant For You? Find Out Here


Freelancing may be pulling you hard with all its potential but make sure you know everything before you start your type of work. Here, “everything” is not the information about work but the one which lies underneath the regular talked about things about being a freelancer. The points below will make you think on different levels and give you a take on how it is to be in the business called freelancing.

Did You Do all By Yourself?

If you are a one man army and are boosting about it, being a freelancer, you are not harming yourself at all. In fact, attitude and actions like that help individuals achieve better other than those who over optimize their positive traits and may find it difficult to stay in the market for long.

Are You Open To Denial?

As a new comer to this field, being open to refusal, elimination or a negative response towards your work will help you to gain patience and experience that will assist you in the long run. The denial may be for any reason, but once you do not take it on your ego or respect, its part of a journey called learning.

And that too when you are on platform where you have to bid for jobs or post your work to get buyers and projects for making yourself known among million others, everyone has to go through this initially.

Don’t Run away from disappointment

A failed project or a review which has set things going downwards can definitely irritate the worker. However, in reality, there can be many disappointments that can bug you well to an extension that you wish to stop the work for ever. But remind yourself of it as past and move on. Failure is part of an attempted work that did not go well. If you can take on disappointment as learning, you will find that you have improved greatly in tasks.

Remember- The Clock Is Ticking

Managing time and focusing on each task is a skill mastered by few in freelancing. From late night into projects to working all day to finish the pending work, this is a common phenomenon and style of working as  far as a freelancer is concerned but with no mention of such habits as successful tips or ideas, you have to take each task and then allocate equal time to justify the work.

Testing Communication Skills

When you are into freelancing the most, you do is to communicate to your employer which may be over the telephone, online or in person. If you have appropriate communication skills, you can make a lot of the little you have, or else you may miss out if you do not know how to talk about things that are necessary in a profession like this.

Money matters

A freelancer is not on a fixed income job and must not sit in the frame that work or money will flow in despite you sitting idle. Since, its work that you are being paid for, checking your financial history, the expenditures, debt, or credit cards bills, you must know how much work or income you should have to sustain a healthy living. All this should be listed before you leave your regular job and start full time freelancing.

Knowing work and phase of no work should also help you to enter different form of work such as book editing, bogging, designing websites and other form of freelancing online.

The Focus: Your Contact List

Knowing individuals for business or those prominent in your field definitely is a big boon for your work, creative ideas and skills you master. To successfully plot a growth graph in this field, a network which helps you step up the ladder is essential and one you are at a platform where there are number of projects under the well paid category, fishing them won’t be tough if you have made a name for yourself.

Hire someone

“When the Going gets Tough, the Tough gets Going.” Most of you must have heard this but never implemented. Most freelancers avoid giving their work to other writers but outsourcing definitely helps you meet deadlines when you have a lot of work and less time. This also multiplies your potential to earn in a better way.

Promote Yourself

One of the main aspects of building your freelancing business is to promote yourself online. Once you have posted online, have shared your expertise with friends and other men who can bring you loads of work, try managing work and streamlining it so that you get it continuously without a break.

The Need to have everything

Well, as a business, freelancing may require technological support, computer, software and other important infrastructure but do you still feel the need of the missing marks? Make a list of all you have and all that you wish to have. Once you have checked the boxes, written the reasons, one list of essential needed items will come out. This way, you will not only save time but the money too, which you have earned by spending hours on the computer.

The Ending Note

Freelancing isn’t easy as expected. Once you have decided to be a freelancer, the ability to manage, organize, and build business contacts and other essential communication things must come along without fail. As any missing link in between can actually come hard on the hard work, you have been doing for some time. Make space for your thoughts to come up.

If this is your only check for an income or a dependent family, check yourself again. Freelancing isn’t easy, but it helps to be your own boss in a way that is stricter than your other supervisors. And this definitely brings a lot of change to your personal and professional life in general. So, if you are completely prepared for the switch and the transition of a corporate to a freelancer watch it from all sides before jumping into this big pool.


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