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Problem Solving in web-design


Problem solving is the essence of the website designing. As a web-designer, you can’t only get inspiration from web galleries but you can also find solutions from other people’s problems. This argument is mainly dedicated to upcoming designers who are fond of looking at inspirational design galleries to incorporate the same effect in their own projects, rather than creating new trends.

Not all designs brings solutions to your problems

When you get a project, you want to know more about the client. Usually, the act of digging into clients thoughts so as know what are they expecting from the project is considered harmless. Even though harmless, you should avoid it by all means because it might cause trouble sometimes. There is psychological possibility that it might lead to some visual features of someone else’s website. Often, client’s focus on their competitors deeds without even bothering to explore if the website features were effective or not.
So, when you are focusing on an attractive website or an inspiring gallery, you should know at the back of your mind that what you are viewing isn’t the process but the result.

Alternative places to look for inspiration

The alternative means looking at other people’s problem solving ability while interacting with their surroundings. People across the globe face various problems. Next time you are faced with a problem you need to see it in someone else’s experience, and then you will probably be in a good position to solve it on your own.
When it comes to design problems, you should always resist the urge of consulting a design gallery so as to extract superficial similarities. Though it is somewhat challenging to avoid looking at the galleries, you should keep in mind that drawing inspiration from people is very sensible since you are ultimately working as a designer.
Usually, the design comes to you naturally once you start thinking in the right direction. All you need is a good thinking and planning.

Simple problem solving steps

There are various steps you can use to solve your problems. These steps are very efficient since they not only apply to design, but they cut across all other fields. So to solve your problems you should:
1.    Identify and define your problem
This step is very critical since it is important for you to clearly understand your problem so as to focus all your energy on it. You can’t actually focus your efforts into solving a problem that you can’t even understand.
2.    Analyze the problem
At this level, you should make an effort of investigating the defined problems fully by studying the gathered information. View the problem from all perceptions so as to establish a stable analysis.
3.    Identify possible solutions
This refers to the act of looking for alternative solutions to the impending problem. You can do this by applying techniques such as brainstorming, buzzing, Delphi methods, metaphorical thinking and many others.
4.    Select best solutions
After identifying various possible solutions, then you need to sit back and choose the one that can solve your problems in an effective and efficient manner.
5.    Evaluate solution
This step has to do with the act of rating the level at which your problem might be solved. This can be done using various evaluation techniques such as giving out questionnaires.
6.    Establish an action strategy
An action plan will enable you to duly forge ahead in the process of solving your problems. With an action plan, your problem will be solved in a very simple manner.
7.    Implement the solution
This happens to be the last step in problem solving and it has to do with application of the established solutions to the impending problems in real life situation. To this extent it is believed that you would have solved your problem.

Galleries shouldn’t be considered as evil

To avoid this misconception, you should understand that they are not dependable in solving your problems. Rather, you should just use them to search for new web design trends. So, don’t be scared the to check these galleries out when you are free and want to get some simple inspiration.

Examples of problem solving experiences that inspires

1.    Bangladesh’s adaptation to rising sea levels
In this extreme environment, people featured with various innovative ways so as to save their lives. They even went to the extent of creating floating gardens by use of hyacinth plants. This was actually the best innovation since they used an  problematic weed to solve their problems at such a risky situation.
2.    The chef’s teachings on web design
One of the world class chef known as Heston Blumenthal astonished people when he used his innovative ability to establish one of the most challenging web design project brief. This tends to give a great inspiration to those who have got the vision of becoming the best web designers in future.


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