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Information Overload and its Consequences

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If you’re a full time freelancer, then you should know how important it is to be updated with the world and its changing ways. Keep up with blogs on current issues; in fact, you could sign up to a social network and save yourself a fair amount of time. They are frequently updated with blogs of your favorite writer. You can compile enough information to get started on your own.

I wouldn’t discourage you to do any of this, but I would rather inform you of the consequences. As a freelancer you tend to overload yourselves with an enormous pile of information, which is hard to process or apply at the right zones. Apart, from the latter so much information may cause you a mental breakdown. This may not only inhibit your progress at work; in fact, you may want to give up everything altogether and devote your time to resting ONLY. Alarming isn’t it?

A fondness for collection of information seems to be the basis of all other problems that also lead to information overload.

Did you know procrastination is also a cause of information overload? When you delay work because of other things such as Facebook or Twitter you may end up achieving nothing for the day. So stay away from such elements; even though they may seem informative, they can also barricade your approach towards your immediate goal.

A lot of people may be of the opinion that multitasking is the way to go about with work. However, there are a few things you should know about multitasking. The phenomenon causes your brain to divide its attention to many things at a time. This leads to a decrease in efficiency. Your mind switches between tasks and you end up achieving everything at your worst. Even though you have all the information at your disposal, but you aren’t able to allocate enough concentration on any one task.

Information overload is a very common occurrence in recent times; people are so habitual of undergoing this stage that they’ve absolutely ignored its consequences. Information overload is dangerous; the stress it puts you through is immense, and you just can’t make your way out of it. Your mind stops working when you think of what to start off with or what to accomplish for the day. The immediate goal tends to become a nightmare for you. You fail to decide how to go about achieving it. Even though you have sufficient information (maybe more) but you just can’t figure out a way to align it with the document that you are required to produce. The primary and secondary things all fail to assign themselves into priorities, and you end up getting confused; trust me, I’ve been through this, and I know what it’s like.

So, if you’re really keen on becoming a freelancer make sure you do not burden yourself with the force of knowledge. It may seem very enticing, but it may very well hinder you from producing anything constructive. I’d suggest you give it “a go” at all necessary information when the need arises; that way you will be better able to retain it, too.


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